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  1. A slightly updated version.

    Today at 06:28 PM
    The final version. Enjoy!
  2. Settle it on the screen tonight 1030 Eastern time

    Today at 01:03 PM
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    Settle it on the screen tonight 10:30 PM Eastern standard time. See you all there
  3. Free Stuff

    Today at 09:11 AM
    In a former life I used to travel around selling my wares at various craft fairs and flea markets. One of the big things I did for a while was clocks. I took old record and decoupaged comics and things on them and turned them into wall clocks. I also made desk clocks out of old NES and Atari cartridges. ...
  4. Emulation Question for Intellivision

    Today at 08:26 AM
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    So the game Upmonsters has been added to the Intellivision platform and it has sections for Original Hardware and EMU (emulation). If I got this game installed on my Emulated Intellivision Ultimate Flashback which has a Raspberry Pi inside it. Would this be the correct place to play this track under ...
  5. Tron

    Yesterday at 10:57 AM
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    Does anyone now if there will be a tron tournament next year for 40th anniversary.I would like to play in one maybe a one man tron off.
  6. Magazine: Computer Fun 1984

    Yesterday at 08:44 AM
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    Remember those great arcade games from 8 years ago (magazine is 1984). LOL. I still play those games when I find them, 40 years later.
    LOL again. "You bought your computer so you could finish your homework in 3 minutes and go out on more dates". Oh man, I don't think ANYONE ...
  7. Magazine: DC-UK Release #3

    Yesterday at 05:53 AM

    It is hard to believe it has been 22 years since this issue came out. It still looks modern to me, LOL. To put it in perspective, it was only 15 years between Return of the Jedi and Phantom Menace, yet that seemed like a life time.Anyone in the UK familiar with this magazine?

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  8. Colecovision controllers

    Yesterday at 05:45 AM
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    Anyone else out there have these?The super action controller was pretty sweet on TV, but I didn't really like it when I used my uncle's. Just not ergonomic. Then again, I was only 12 so many my hands were too small. The trackball was WAY cool though.

  9. Time to introduce myself!

    08-02-2021 at 09:26 PM
    Hey guys, Ive been adjudicating and submitting scores since November of 2020 and I figured it would be nice to properly introduce myself. My name is Eddie, or as some of you might know me, Edward Pilcher aka 321TieGuy. My first memory of gaming is playing Rad Racer on NES in the late 80's. I grew ...
  10. Needs some votes Twin Galaxies members Rocky Palmisano,Damien Townley,Dan Jefferies on these tracks

    08-02-2021 at 07:52 PM
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    1. Arcade - Fast and Furious Super Cars / Super Cars - Fastest Time to Complete Medium Tracks - 14:18.0 - Juan Torres ( Arcade - Fast and Furious Super Cars / Super Cars - Fastest Time to Complete 9 Easy Tracks - 14:00.0 - Juan Torres ( Arcade - Fast and Furious ...

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  11. Twin Galaxies Mini Feed.

    08-01-2021 at 07:43 PM
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    I love the new activity feed!! This screen is almost as small as a credit card. Powered by a Raspberry Pi, it is a touch screen but I use a mouse. Lol.

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  12. I know I owe you cards...

    08-01-2021 at 07:28 PM
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    I had a pretty rough last 2 years, and I never was good at paperwork of any sort. I know I owe you some trading cards and I want to make up for it.Send me a PM with your home address.
  13. How many is too many?

    08-01-2021 at 02:05 PM
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    Im new to TG and the record scene as a whole, and i know that point chasing is its own beast. I had a question regarding leeching.

    In any game where theres a zone that just spawns enemies constantly, and there is no timer and no danger to you, what is the appropriate number enemies you can defeat ...
  14. Thank you TG community!

    08-01-2021 at 10:51 AM
    Just recently joined TG and submitter my first WR performance. EVERYBODY I encounter in the community has been very helpful to a newbie such as myself! Look forward to getting to know you guys and gals and setting more WRs. I'll be working on Mario 3 HS and Contra HS on tournament settings!Thanks ...
  15. How do you get to be on Twin Galaxies Trading Card?

    08-01-2021 at 12:30 AM
    1. What is needed to be on Twin Galaxies Trading Card?2. What are qualifications?3. I see that their are non video game players but game developers and video game room owners.4. Who do you contact.
  16. Big Buck HD Wild just started playing Zombie 1st place highscore.

    07-31-2021 at 06:20 PM
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  17. Donkey Kong "glitch trick" ?

    07-31-2021 at 02:12 PM
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    @Barthax Can you elaborate please?

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  18. Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics on sale for 90% off on Steam

    07-31-2021 at 08:20 AM
    Total price is $8.21. For anyone who wants to play old school Genesis games re-released for PC.
  19. A great video about one of my projects

    07-30-2021 at 12:57 PM
    my friend has a video channel where he shows off his 3D printing skills. I gave him one of my arcade retro clocks and this is the result. Check it out and enjoy.
  20. Personal Milestone

    07-30-2021 at 06:06 AM
    I want to pat myself on the back as I recently achieved a personal milestone. I've been lurking, submitting, and conversing at Twin Galaxies. I've seen 'good' people leave, pot-stirrers stay, and vice-versa. I've witnessed three or four (lost count) ownership changes as this site, ...
  21. 1cc #30 - Renegade

    07-30-2021 at 02:50 AM
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    This week I present my 1 credit clear video, of possibly the first 2.5D beat em up / brawler, Renegade, developed by Technös who later went on to make the iconic Double Dragon.
    I upload a new video every friday and sometimes in between. I do score runs, record submissions, speedruns, timelapse ...
  22. The thin line of Arcade platform vs. other platforms

    07-30-2021 at 02:29 AM (Barthax: Nothing to see here... move along.)
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    [Edit:] Ultimately this works out as a research failure on my part... Original text below this edit & the one at the bottom.
    It's no secret that many "genuine" arcade machines are just a PC in a box hooked up to a some hardware that may be proprietary (as far back as 1999 with ...

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  23. Pinball pics

    07-29-2021 at 07:16 PM
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    Some old pics on my phone.

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  24. Too high priced

    07-29-2021 at 12:03 PM
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    I would love this bad boy, but Holy Smokes!! Too pricey.
  25. 2002 article on Wiebe's 1.014m DK Jr

    07-29-2021 at 09:01 AM
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    I was at the WA State Library here in sweltering Olympia the other day. Among a few things I was interested in looking up following their post-COVID reopening was this 2002 profile of Steve Wiebe in Bellevue's Eastside Journal. The focus of the article was on Wiebe's new Donkey Kong Junior record ...
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