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10-16-2019 at 11:16 AM
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Game of Thrones mistakes, TGSAP, and billy mitchel dispute

What do these 3 have in common? they really highlight the importance of group activity. A large group of normal people swapping notes can discover more than a small panel of experts ever could. I remember reading you can predict the weather better by looking at futures (or whatever the right investment word is) for oranges than listening to the meteroligists. one enough people invest, the price reflects a bunch of people putting their money where the mouth is, not necessarily with any degree, whereas the weather channel listens to experts -- and who's actually more right!

Game of thrones,their high paid staff couldnt find the water bottle just one week after embarassment of the starbucks cup! Even with all the embarssment and no doubt the desire to not mess up again, they still did with a whole week to search no less. And how long did it take the fans? about a few minutes

Billy mitchel. From various people digging look how much has come out. way more than a small group of refs could ever find.

This is whats great about tgsap. It does what the scientific community figured out long ago. Peer reviewed, transparent info, publicly available, run by people willing to listen to others with less qualitfications and check it out can accomplsih far more than a self declared masters ever could

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