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02-17-2018 at 02:15 AM
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Mobile games that don’t require internet?

Hi all

With my upcoming trip to the US looming, my attention has turned to the 11+ hour flight and how I’m going to occupy that time.

What else to do other than play games!

Looking for recommendations of some fun mobile games that don’t require a connection

Anything considered other than Candy Crush :D

  1. bruzzi's Avatar
    Bb tan. It's a fun ball bouncing game
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  2. John73's Avatar
    Cooking Fever is great fun. Think it may or may not need internet when it initially loads though.

    I've also recently just started playing a bit of "Stick Cricket" again - not a bad game, it passes the time but being a KIWI you'll probably suck at it :(
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  3. spectre's Avatar
    Super Hexagon and Crossy Road
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  4. Max's Avatar
    I recently saw Sonic was up for a free DL for cell.

    Trial Xtreme (motorcycle, physics, time run shaving) is surprisingly challenging for fast short plays. This one is a free DL too.

    Someone on AA had bought a connector to allow their xbox360 controller to connect to their phone and played mame somehow. You may want to cross post there. I can't recall who it was.
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  5. Retro-Shark's Avatar
    Galaga Wars, Flow Free, Broken Little Robots, Infinite Train and I believe a little survival game called Seashine doesn't require the net. These are all free little time wasters.
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  6. John73's Avatar
    Hill Climb Racing is pretty cool too. Load up Mobizen as well and you might be able to set score records.
  7. TRB_MetroidTeam's Avatar
    Hi Barra. Many flight companies have "in-flight" games, mainly for long flights. Some have a kind of controller (d-pad, buttons, cable, etc). It's fun, except the games :(

    Please plan travelling to Brazil next time. It's in the same "continent" ;)
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