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01-24-2021 at 04:00 AM
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The final tournament of the 2020 season has just been completed. 59 gamers played in this challenging competition as follows:

To view the complete scoreboard, right click and select “Open image in new tab”

Congratulations to all competitors that gamed in this tournament. It was a mighty effort. 10 different video games were played over 59 days of close competition. We had 1 new game never played before in the MGL, which was The Amazing Adventures of Mr. F. Lea, and proved to be comical and challenging at the same time. We also had 3 games that had not been played for over 11 years, in Return Of The Invaders, Flashgal and Dangerous Dungeons. That’s an extremely long wait for a replay.

In this tournament, 12 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from Arcadinator (2), Charlie Milne, Creech, Evan04, Fire_Power (2), Ivanstorm1973, Jlemory1 (2), Lasice, Lexa (2),, Zap and ZNC.

5 gamers made their MGL debut. These were: *** PL *** (best 2nd place on Frogger), 80sArcadeKid (best 2nd place on Rygar), Lasice (best score on Frogger), Tortoguit Old (best 8th place on Zoo Keeper) and ZNC (best 1st place on The Amazing Adventures of Mr. F. Lea). Well played gamers!

With 10 games contested there were 8 different game winners: Blackflag82 (1), DaLar (1), MrPitchy (1), Prow (1), Redelf (3), RMacauley (1) Shahbaz (1) and ZNC (1).

Congratulations to the game winners for achieving the high score on these games …

I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3 … with the cute bird from SEGA’s Flicky …

Robert Macauley

John McAllister

Terence Wong

29 gamers finished within a single digit of each other, 3 more than from MGL45. The competition was very close going into the last 3 games of the tournament. 15 gamers scored over 800 points for a great distinction, and 6 of these gamers scored over 900 points for an even higher distinction.

There was 1 tied score in the Top 50 on the scoreboard. Terencew and Blackflag82 both finished with 926 points for 3rd place. The head to head count was 6-4 to Terence, and he took out 3rd place and a podium finish, while Patrick took out 4th place.

BandontheRun, Daniel Larsen, Jeff Mikuska and Hervé Petit-Jean have now played over 150 games each in the MGL (160, 156, 156 and 153 games played respectively). WAN1993, Tracey and Iago have now played over 50 games each in the MGL (58, 55 and 50 games played respectively). This is an exceptional performance by these gamers, congratulations.

Congratulations to Robert Macauley, who scored 95 points or higher in every game to win MGLXLVI. He won BurgerTime with a brilliant score of 2,780,050 points, took out 2nd place on Bagman, and 3rd place on both Anteater and The Adventures of Mr. F. Lea. He played at a very high standard to ace the tournament, which was his first MGL title win since MGL25 in July 2015. This was an outstanding performance by one of the greatest arcade gamers of all time. This was Robert’s 9th MGL title, and he increased his lead on being the most successful gamer in MGL history. (Andrew Barrow and DKong are both tied for 2nd place on the all time winners list, with 5 MGL titles each). Robert also holds the record for longest active gaming streak (now played 292 consecutive MGL games without missing a game) and longest active tournament streak (now played in 33 consecutive MGLs without missing an MGL). This means Robert has played every game in every MGL for the last 9 years. I wonder if Robert knew back then, after he played his first ever MGL game of Time Pilot in MGL14 of January 2012, that 9 years later, he wouldn’t miss a game and be a 9 times MGL Champion? It’s an incredible accomplishment.

John McAllister finished in 2nd place for his best ever finish in the MGL. Two time 3rd place getter in previous MGLs, he won 3 games this time and took his all-time game wins to 13, now equal with Jason Vasiloff and DKong in MGL history.

Terence Wong played steady throughout the tournament and worked hard to take out 3rd place. It was so close that it was a tie for 3rd on points, and it took the head to head tiebreaker to elevate him past MGL45 winner Patrick Stanley.

Patrick Stanley achieved 4th place in this MGL. He won Anteater, finished in 3rd place on Zoo Keeper, and scored highly on all the other games. Being the last quarter of the WCE4 season, he played great and scored enough to secure the critical points to win World Championship. He also took his all time MGL game wins to 9, now 13th on the list of most game wins.

Charlie Milne played an exceptional tournament and worked very hard on every game. He finished in 5th place, his best performance ever, which was previously 8th place in MGL42. He played in his 5th MGL, and now has a game average of 87.3.

Darren Mcgahey finished in 6th place with 902 points, 14 points more than his previous MGL, and 2 places higher as well. His best finish was 3rd place on Bagman, and next was 4th place on BurgerTime. He has now played in 98 MGL games, just 2 short of becoming an accomplished MGL Centurion.

Pessimeister played great for 7th place, including 4th place in both Flashgal and Dangerous Dungeons. He increased his all time game average to 88.0, and now has 51 game scores in the Top 10.

Daniel Larsen finished in 8th place in his 17th MGL. He now has 112 game scores in the Top 10, including winning Dangerous Dungeons in this MGL, with a brilliant score of 872,180 points.

Henrik Wiman had an outstanding MGL to finish in 9th place. He played excellent on Frogger for 3rd place, and ate his way to 5th place on Anteater. He could have finished much higher in the MGL with a stronger showing in Rygar.

Evan Mcgahey became the youngest player in MGL history to finish in the Top 10. This was his best ever performance in 7 MGL appearances. His improvement in game play and scores are a good sign of even greater achievements to come.

To all gamers who finished in the Top 20, congratulations and well played. We had a lot of difficult and well known titles this time around. Outside the Top 20, there are always opportunities for improvement, and you can perhaps give an even better shot next time round. A big thank you goes out to all the gamers who helped each other to improve their game and scores.

This was the final chapter of the world video gaming challenge for 2020. It was a tremendous season. I hope you all enjoyed the tournament.

The Mystery Prize Draw will commence shortly. After that, the presentation of the World Championship of eSports for 2020 will commence.


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