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08-02-2020 at 08:29 AM
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This marathon talk got me thining

So there are plenty of place where tg looks down on something, elevates something else, with no clue that thing tg members mock resultins in tg members being mocked for being foolish enough to laugh at something that the rest of the world respects.

this relates to marathons. i think we need to respect the various types while distinguishing

most normal people would absolutely see a series of games in a row as a marathon as you're still playing the whole time. tg used to have stitched scores. i believe pinball players still say just how long can you go and it doesnt have to be on one credit. this type of marathon has credit, and frankly, as its whats normal people think of is, its the sort of marathon places like guiness should care about

TG cares more about intensity sklil. our rules also have a lot of merit. of course i dont want someone who sucks at tapper to just player 100s of 5 minute games in a row to beat my single credit record. so while i dont mock the other type of marathon, i do feel the need to distinguish

also even one credit consider safe spots. consider consoles with pauses and a pause is a safe spot. poeple before have wanted to pause and we correctly told them no. but maybe instead of "no" we shouldve said "no but..." the "no but...." being its not what we call a marathon but we'll acknolwedge its interest to the general public and recongize it seperately

now sure can say
single credit limit break no pause allowed marathons (current type)
single credit limit break pause allowed (what i think thers alot of demand and frankly a pause isnt so different from a safe spot)
unlimited credit limited break marathon ( i cant imagine many people are interested in a 1000 hour marathon with 100 hours of sleep, but who knows, i believe the world of warcraft marathon actually does just that which leads to next tpe)
total hours in life marathon -- unlimited break unlimited credit this just measures how many hours of your life you put into a game. yes some people think this is cool

now these 4 types of marathons we need quick names. we cant say "grade a through grade d" cause even though i think we'd respect more from top of the list down, calling something grade d comes with the implication that its not the marathon rules that are lesser and runs the risk of implying the marathoners themselvs are lesser. so to that end i suggest galaxies based naming. and yes, i intend to rate our better i suggest they be

Andromeda grade marathon (our current marahtongs)
super nova grade marathon (second option above, what a lot of console players would like)
solar grade marathon (third option above, i believe this is the marathon type that was done for ddr which was certainly respected)
planteoid grade marathon (how many hours of life you wasted)

these names still give some elevation to those who want it, but since the terms arent obvious noone is insulted because anyone taking the time to see some sound better than others is gonna wonder what they really mean and not just assume the lower ones are a lower grade.

  1. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    I'm just thinking about Intellivision and Atari marathons..... allowing pausing changes the challenge completely.

    Imagine if someone playing pitfall could pause the game to take a breather or to P. The whole point of Pitfall is getting the last gold bar in under 20 minutes!

    Kind of a bad example... because Activision games Do Not have the pause feature on the Intellivision. But you get my point.

    I can understand that some modern gaming has the need to pause, And I can't comment because I don't know modern games... except for Star Wars Saga on the Wii (one of the best games ever made).

    I remember William, you had a 30-hour Asteroids game.... (incredible) .... and if you were able to pause the game within the rules, the 30-hour feat wouldn't be as special !!!

    Just talking about retro console marathons, I think no pausing is the way to go !
  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    thats why i would want to give them a different name. absolutley pausing would NOT be the same not even close. but do we refuse to track easy games just because of hard games? I believe by coming up with creative naming we can find a way to let people do these other marathons without their being any confusion over what those of us who did traditional marathons ahd to go through

    fyi it was 40 hours, and you can only build up 40 seconds breka at a time, meaning you're gonna use even less of that to be safe. you do not want to know how i pooped.

  3. Barthax's Avatar

    Guinness do already have some terms in their books for how they differentiate. I'd have to pluck up the desire to read again but I think "Single Session Marathon"is what they use to describe the typical play-till-you-drop Guinness style Marathon: single video game endurance, no explicit requirements in credit/settings. (A quick skim of the site suggests "Relay Marathon" for a single game, multiple participant.)

    No-break Marathon (NBM) - current TG. Strictly speaking player breaks will happen for many games - it's the game's play that is unbroken, not the player at the controls. Even then many games have an in-built "wait for player input" screen. Does a game with a wait mode equal a no-break version?

    Broken Marathon - pausing included. The tale of the 1m point Space Invaders springs to mind.

    Game Lifetime - total duration of play. Many games do have an in-game total but quite how this would be measured by TG current ethos, I have no idea (other than load game, display stat in a video- which is no different from a picture proof from an evidence perspective).

    Not sure about he other one (multi-break, multi-credit). Seems like a score-version of the Game Lifetime - Lifetime Score? Again, measuring such is the problem, not the concept.

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