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  1. Arcade games not listed on TG

    05-16-2021 at 03:09 PM
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    The following is a list of ARCADE games which have not yet been tracked by TwinGalaxies.
    Of course at some point I may create tracks for a number of these, but I wanted to share them with the community so that others may create tracks for them as well, if they so choose.
    Mario ...

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  2. Race options...

    05-16-2021 at 02:29 PM
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    I have a Windows 10 lap top, and a PS3.
    What racing games does anyone play which allows online competition? I miss those good old days with Race Driver 3. Good fun was had every day.
    What's your favourites?
    I watched a show on Netflix today, "The fastest gamer", and it sparked ...
  3. Kit for my current capture setup

    05-16-2021 at 04:32 AM (Barthax: Nothing to see here... move along.)
    @kernzyp asked of me in a recent submission thread what's needed for a capture setup. I'll describe the kit that I have/have experience of but as most of it is getting old, some links provided to Amazon (UK not US) are for items no longer available.
    First basic is a PC with USB 3.0 or ...

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  4. Going for the Black Tiger WR

    05-16-2021 at 01:08 AM
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    Yep I'm heading forward to surpass the current M.A.M.E world record of 1.8 million. Since the past days I scored the first time in this game of 1.3 million and then 1.4 million, So right here looks like I score near to 1.6 million! Somehow it looks like I'm attempting to break the WR as I'm ...
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