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08-21-2020 at 09:08 AM
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Interesting new game: Remote Life

I bit the bullet and spent the 5 bucks to get this game. I really enjoy it. I love shooters so I was eager to use my x-arcade tankstick, but sadly one of the controls requires aiming with a mouse or an analogue stick. So I used the X-Box controller instead and quickly got into the flow of the game.

I enjoy this game so much I want to create a track for it.

Does anyone else want to help out and then compete? I'll practice a bit tonight then record the game. My uploads speeds are still in the dark ages, which is the main reason I stopped uploading. Starlink will save me from my misery soon.

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    The game is beautiful, fun, hard.

    What is disappointing is there is no score! Just finishing levels. I am pretty bummed out about that. I wanted to make a track and compete for high scores. Oh well.

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