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08-29-2019 at 03:14 AM
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This came in the mail today.

This came in the mail today. It's a special made reproduction of the Stella programmer's guide that developers where given so they can program Atari 2600 games. I'm really surprised such things don't exist for the NES or Sega Genesis.

This book has been floating around the Internet for ages. The awesome folks at AtariAge finally got together to reprint this again and now I have a copy for collecting purposes. It's a great book, I really learned alot and it is short. It's a bible for Atari homebrewers.

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    As of this writing I have found guides for both the Genesis and NES. I'm overwhelmed!

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    I would love the link to purchase?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nads

    I would love the link to purchase?

    There you go!


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