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10-07-2020 at 09:59 AM
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@admin staff Multi-platform track submissions should have their own platform called Multi-Platform

1. I feel that the ESI Expert Skill Index points should not be counted towards arcade on this submission here below, because it was played on MAME not the arcade and the ESI Expert Skill Index Points should be attributated to MAME ranking not arcade.

2. This is one of few multi platform tracks game submissions that have been submitted by Twin Galaxies members. These multi track platforms should have their own platform called Multi-Platform and be able to create as many tracks as they want and the ESI Expert Skill Index points, would go to Multi-Platform ranking.
Here below is an example: Attached Files Attached Files

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    A stepping stone might instead be to segregated such tracks by platform and a Multi-Platform "platform" which pulls in scores from multiple tracks. An engineering nightmare in generating the flexibility and controls but it would give the "Multi-Platform" track creator the ability to generate side-by-side comparison tracks which don't get submitted to directly.

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    evn a few times has mentioned the data should be just that data and we should be able to perform queries for the view. depending on if an actual database is used, as in software thats database software, that should be pretty easy. jace has also mentioned he'd be open to splitting it off if the need arises. it seems like every time someone submits to one of those tracks it results in some sort of commotion with jace himself being tagged and commenting a few times. with admins fully aware of this, it doesnt seem to be a high priority to them at the time.

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    oh i will say though, even though easy in theory i can see where a minor slip up could have big consequences

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