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08-19-2019 at 10:51 AM
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RTM - Great trivia about some Funspot games

I asked RTM about the marble racing game. I did not know the name, but I play it all the time. Monte Carlo!

From the desk of RTM:


The marble racing game -

There's a history to this purchase worth sharing as a point of interest !!

I tried for over a year to work this one out but the Canadian seller refused to sell to me without my divulging my social security number. So I cam up with a novel way to handle. I would send ACAM the cash necessary to make the purchase, and then ACAM would to do as a 501(c)3 corporation thus bypassing certain customs and reporting issues, and that would prevent identity theft from happening to me.

The place (see link above) actually had 5 or 6 of these but obviously have not sold them all as at least one is still available.

When it arrived to everyone's surprise it was in the original shipping crate having never been opened before. Gary, Bob and Randy were is NOT often that you see that happen so many decades later.

That ACAM event was the debut of this title, "Iron Horse", "Pandora's Palace", "Cosmic Guerilla" (cocktail) and "Zombie Raid". Oh yes, and "Night Stocker". I think that "Night Stocker" was a combination of myself AND another gamer making donations which were merged together (Gary would know best). I donated everything for "Pandora" save for the empty cabinet. That title is a favourite among several ACAM competitors as it is a more interesting version of a platform title like "Donkey Kong" when you think about it.

I purchased both "Iron Horse" and "Zombie Raid" as a package deal and then when they arrived I ended up having to purchase a SECOND gun device for the "Zombie" game to to one of them either missing or damaged in shipment (I forget which).

"Zombie Raid" was a good donation because as with "Smash TV", "Timber" and "Pong Doubles" it allowed ACAM to earn two coins per gameplay from team-play. I think "Smash TV" especially made a lot of money for ACAM in that respect.

Plus if you take a look at the game -- Zombie Raid -- close up it has perhaps the best side art ever put onto a classic arcade video me. And it is not JUST two sides of art either...take a look at the construction, it's a little unusual, and every pane has some dedicated artwork. AND it differs depending on which side of the game you are standing by !!

Bob liked the "Monte Carlo" as it was nearly perfect for him...Bob is on the short side as you may know, as is this game, so it worked out well. The drivers seat attachment was not part of the package...I actually played in one that had it many years back when I was a 12 year old kid.


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    It is nice to see when someone donates money and/or time and/or materials for the benefit of others.

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