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  1. Passwords expiring

    Today at 09:15 AM
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    This morning the site informed me that my password had expired because it was 180 days old and that I had to change it. I find this unnecesary and to a user like me that comes here everyday, this is just a very small problem, it bothers me for a couple of hours and then I forget about it until the password ...

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  2. 1cc #26 - Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

    Today at 12:19 AM
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    Ok, ok. I got lazy and did a re-upload.During Internet Gaming Bash of the Year 2016 (IGBY2016) tournament I was able to complete the arcade version of Street FIghter II: The World Warrior on arcade/MAME. It was the first time I've done this in over 20 years. Last I did it was on Super Nintendo ...
  3. Reporting Spam

    Yesterday at 12:58 PM

    @admin staff I get it that you don't want people flaming each other and mass reporting, but I was simply trying to delete some span in the general forum. Two bots talking to each other about radios.This is an example of friction. The more friction a person encounters the less likely ...
  4. Event World Record attempt

    Yesterday at 12:44 PM
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    event Saturday and Sunday 19.6 + 20.6.
    Stream starts on Saturday at 11.00 h (Central European Summer Time)
    Subscribe and watch the stream here out the
  5. MGLXLVIII - Game 3 ~ Dig Dug (closes Jul-11)

    Yesterday at 05:27 AM
    Pineapples are good for you ...

    MGLXLVIII – Game 3 ~ Dig Dug

    Nominated by gamer: @Hal1973

    0.106-0.133: digdugb - "Dig Dug (rev 1)"
    0.133u3-0.222: digdug1 - "Dig Dug (rev 1)"

    Game Story: ...
  6. MGLXLVIII - Game 2 ~ Rally-X (closes Jul-4)

    Yesterday at 05:01 AM
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    Name that tune ...

    MGLXLVIII – Game 2 ~ Rally-X

    Nominated by gamer: @Blackflag82

    ROMSet: RallyX

    Game Story:
    You control a small car running around in a maze. There are of course the obvious "bad guys", namely ...
  7. Rygar - Round 2 Event

    Yesterday at 04:43 AM
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    I love this, the Czech's are back to take the crown! :D me some competition... as long as Shabaz is not in it! ;)
  8. MGLXLVIII - Game 1 ~ Canyon Bomber (closes Jul-4)

    Yesterday at 04:18 AM
    1977 all over again ...

    MGLXLVIII – Game 1 ~ Canyon Bomber

    Nominated by gamer: RichyS

    ROMSet: Canyon

    Game Story:
    Blimps and biplanes fly by and drop bombs into a canyon.

    Score Submissions:
    Please make a ...
  9. The God of Kong

    06-16-2021 at 01:51 PM
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    The latest edition of Arcade Culture Magazine just arrvived. Congratulations to the best Donkey Kong player of all time: Robbie Lakeman
  10. A pointless exercise in numbers

    06-16-2021 at 09:11 AM (Barthax: Nothing to see here... move along.)
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    I got curious about the overlap of both the ESI and Top Players tables after realising how few #1 places John McAllister has. So I extracted the two tables, combined the placings for anyone in both listings based on position only and came up with some useless numbers... Curiosity satisfied. :PUser
    Combined ...

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  11. Help with MAME

    06-15-2021 at 12:33 PM
    Any tips on how to fix this? Im trying to play Bosconian, wolfmame 184.Thanks.
  12. I think I did a record at Burgertime, skill 4 on Colecovision

    06-14-2021 at 03:57 PM
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  13. Watch E3 Live

    06-14-2021 at 09:13 AM

  14. Pac-Man--pattern choice question

    06-14-2021 at 07:32 AM
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    So, I'm interested in getting into Pac-Man (MAME), which I already dabbled with last year. I adopted Neil's patterns I found online & got 378k, but there seems to be a general rule / etiquette to not straight-up use those patterns. I looked through some top submissions on the track, ...
  15. E3 - Intellivision Booth

    06-14-2021 at 06:59 AM
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    Did you know that E3 is on? I didn't. :(Thankfully I got an email that let me know they are having a presentation at 9:46 Jace Time (Pacific), 12:45 EDT.

    Visit Amico's booth here:

    06-12-2021 at 02:47 PM
    Hi Gamers,

    Welcome to MGL48 - TAKE ME TO THE ARCADE, the 2nd video gaming tournament of the 2021 season. All gamers worldwide are welcome to game. You can join in at any time.

    Please watch the trailer below for the official tournament launch with important competition details ...

  17. How to change profile photo

    06-11-2021 at 12:34 PM
    I know I have done this before, but for some reason I can't remember how.How do you change your profile picture? I'm getting sick of my cartoon face.Thanks
  18. Timelapse - Mat Mania

    06-11-2021 at 12:08 AM
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    In this weeks video, I present to you, Mat Mania Timelapse. I thought the character in the game looked a lot like Hacksaw Jim Duggan (except the boots) so you know I had to use "that" song.I upload a new video every friday and sometimes in between. I do score runs, record submissions, speedruns, ...
  19. Time to find out who the big boss of Brood War is

    06-10-2021 at 10:26 PM
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  20. Just got my first arcade machine!

    06-10-2021 at 07:44 PM
    I bought a Donkey Kong on Craigslist, and I will be refurbishing it. I may install D2K, it looks pretty cool. Hopefully I can get some more soon!
  21. More info on the Apollo Legend / Billy Mitchell settlement

    06-10-2021 at 04:00 AM
    There has been a lot of speculation and discussion lately around Apollo Legend's legal settlement with disgraced video game cheater Billy Mitchell last year. A public claim has been made, by multiple parties, in multiple venues, that part of this settlement included, what I think would be fair to ...
  22. The evidence against Billy Mitchell

    06-10-2021 at 01:28 AM
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    This is a repost of my "Evidence against Billy Mitchell" post from Donkey Kong Forum, making the material publicly available while DKF is locked to members-only. Note that this post is limited to Billy's contested Donkey Kong scores and related proceedings, and is not in any way a comprehensive ...

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  23. side effect of donkey drama

    06-09-2021 at 11:00 PM
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    my odyssey 2 sound no longer works. i hadnt played in so long at first i thought the games just sucked and didnt have sound programmed in, then i remember they did. I just realized this after my last submission so no i wasnt trying to pull a fast one. also, no its not a concidence i bring this up ...
  24. Cleaned up a little!

    06-08-2021 at 03:35 PM
    I suppose the main reason I think these room updates are relevant for me to post here-I really am pretty exclusively Twin Galaxies, is why I bother, AtariAge is my mistress, so to speak, lol, but I really am a "TG bred" gamer, almost.Particularly with the collecting-I did NOT collect when ...
  25. The Ballad of the Pac-Man King

    06-07-2021 at 10:44 PM
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    Hi everyone,As Pac-Man's 40th anniversary draws to a close, I spoke with Rick Mori, an original Pac-Man champion. Rick's journey through San Francisco arcades brought him recognition and a visit from another aspiring Pac-Man player, Jeffrey Yee. Yee's claimed score of 6 million points ...
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