Created BY:redelf01-06-2023 07:55 PM

$50 cash for scoring 750,000 on Arcade Asteroids with 5 lives.

Score 750,000 points on Asteroids Arcade with 5 lives and win $50 cash.

Bounty Rules

Only Arcade platform can be used.  

The high score save kit that allows 1 more digit in the score is not allowed - it has a bug that makes the big saucer to not come out as often or at all, making the game easier to score more points with less difficulty.

5 ships are fewer.

Any official revision of the game can be used.

Speed up hacks can be used but may be subject to disqualification, so please play a game and upload and see if it is accepted before your main attempt.  

Video must contain inside of cabinet showing board and all mods.  Dip switch settings must be shown on screen via the test switch located on the inside of the cabinet near the coin door.  

You can claim this bounty if you have not claimed  the 1 million or 500k bounty.

Bounty Reward Description and Details

Upon acceptance of submission $50 will be paid to the winner.  Preferred method of payment will be paypal, alt will be by mail in the form of a check or money order.

Please place any questions, comments or concerns in the discussion thread below!

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