Created BY:redelf12-04-2022 10:35 AM

For all your contributions to TG

This bounty is for Barthax only.


Bounty Rules

This bounty is for Barthax for his contributions to TG and making it a better place.

Please place any questions, comments or concerns in the discussion thread below!

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Jace Hall -



Now I can appreciate the sentiment of what is being done here, and it is currently a fact that there are no specific rules set up against doing this, but please know that we are going to have to create a rule that is designed to prevent the bounty system from being used as an exclusive user-to-user submission point transfer system. It was not meant to be used for that purpose.

So this bounty will be allowed as it is successfully exploiting a loophole (and as such as helped Twin Galaxies become better), but no further bounties of this nature will be allowed.

One of the primary reasons to prevent this is that allowing bounty creators to completely eliminate the potential for participants on a non-skill related basis can (and will) likely lead to undesired discriminatory practices. 

Bounties, when created, must have some kind of pathway to participation that will allow anyone skill-qualified to participate and compete.

In this bounty's case, there is no possible pathway for any participants to become THE Andrew Peter Mee (Barthax) other than Barthax himself to be able to compete and claim the award.

To be clear, no one has done anything wrong here, and generally speaking it is wonderful to see the community appreciating each other!

We just have to make sure that our rules and system are ultimately set up to be as fair as possible. The bounty system still is in testing and really hasn't been formally promoted but already it is getting quite a bit of traction and soon it is likely to start pulling in a lot of people from outside the community who want to participate. 

The better equipped TG is with its thoughtful rules and methods will result in a better experience and more fun for all involved! We are all learning as we go. There is no other system like this on the entire internet so there will continue to be a fair amount of discovery.

Jace Hall -

@Barthax when this bounty closes please confirm that our system successfully transfers the 8000 submission points to you. Also @redelf please confirm that you have been deducted 8000 SP. 

I want to make sure that everything is working correctly! Many thanks.

redelf -

The system failed and I still have my 8000+ submission points, but hey that's ok with me.

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