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Created BY:Andrew Peter Mee11-01-2022 03:15 PM

Help me litter Gran Turismo 3 with even more tracks!

Be a rule breaker and help me self-fund a single track in the new era when self-funded tracks aren't permitted. Refunds for everyone!



Help me get this track funded and I'll refund your submission points:

For a successful bounty claim you must be designated one of the track founders of the above track upon its addition to the scoreboard.  Maximum 5 Slots available to claim your refund so if more than five names are in the founders list it's a first come-first serve to fill the slots.

Warning: time limit expiry for your refund.

Please place any questions, comments or concerns in the discussion thread below!

Barthax -

@LAH16 - you've got a claim on this bounty if you want it. :D

D.B. Cooper -

Barthax.  Tried to reply to your PM but it wouldn't let me.  Says you don't allow the receipt of PM's.  Hoping you'll see my response here.  I thought I donated 10 points but it might have been 20.  Was just messing around to see if the system would allow a person to donate more than the required points.  Apparently you can:)

Barthax -

Ah, that makes sense & my fault.  I have my PMs locked down & I usually remember to add as friend and let the person know to accept that before responding, sorry I forgot this!  It's a bit late for the PM, but added. :D

Glad to know it was a test & not some weird bug.  I was looking at the thread & knew it was at 20/25 with only myself & LAH16 sponsering it before it concluded but ended up as 40/25 with only 3 sponsors.  Easy to deduce who but not why! :D  Thanks again. :)

Barthax -

@D.B. Cooper I'm curious: can you submit a claim on this bounty for a second time?  Happy to refund the second 10 & test the boundaries of the Bounty system. :D

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