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Up to $500 Cosmic Guerilla Bounty - Get 35,000 Points or More - Arcade / M.A.M.E

Score 35,000 points or more playing the game "Cosmic Guerilla" on the Original Arcade PCB or M.A.M.E. platform and WIN up to a $500 Amazon eGift card! Also EARN a rare TG Achievement point!


Bounty Rules


Play the single player original Arcade version of Cosmic Guerilla, submit your performance, and score 35,000 points or more in a single game.


This bounty challenge accepts both Original Unmodified Cosmic Guerilla PCB submissions as well as M.A.M.E. Cosmic Guerilla Arcade submissions.

---( Original Unmodified Arcade PCB Version )---

Dip Switch Settings

1-2 = OFF

3 = ON

4 = ON

5 = ON

6 = OFF

Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings;

Bonus Life: 2000
Lives: 3

---( M.A.M.E Platform Version )---

If you choose to play using Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (M.A.M.E)  your submission must follow the rules of the TG M.A.M.E Platform Cosmic Guerilla leaderboard track of "Points"

ROMSet: CosmicG
Bonus Life: 2000
Lives: 3
Cabinet: Upright
Unused: Off
Special Rules: None

You can visit the track below and click the "View Rules" button to see all the rule details:


The Twin Galaxies General Gameplay Global Rules And Guidelines for All Submissions shall apply, however any above listed bounty and track rules are considered the overriding rule set where/if there is any direct overlap or conflict.


The successful bounty claimant will receive -

--One (1) TG Achievement Point

--One (1) $250 Amazon eGift Card**

BONUS MULTIPLIER - If a bounty claimant's successfully submitted and adjudicated performance is performed on original hardware (not EMU / M.A.M.E) and shows a reasonably complete boot up and PCB hardware display procedure in the accepted tradition of Twin Galaxies General Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines for All Submissions, then the $250 Amazon eGift Card shall be increased to $500 total.**

We look forward to seeing this marvelous achievement accomplished!

Please place any questions, comments or concerns in the discussion thread below!

Jace Hall -

Very cool!

FYI You may want to also separately submit this to the WR MAME Track for this title if you want recognition as a world record, as your submission to this bounty leaderboad does not automatically place you on a TG WR leaderboard. 

Bounty leaderboards are stand alone.

Barra -

Nice one Johnny Mac, didn't even see this come up!

rotunda -

Well played! Congrats

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