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04-19-2020 at 06:23 PM
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Possible dispute on my Moon Patrol Record

Okay, so idk what to do. Im getting messages saying that my score will probably be disputed since I didnt upload a INP file with my run. That's because it wouldn't upload when I tried. Is there a fix on that or anyway for me to attach that file to the run that has already been submitted?

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  1. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Jace said that any M.A.M.E score that passes without an .inp file attached would be opened back up until such file is provided.

    So I'll tag him for you @Jace Hall

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  2. Jace Hall's Avatar

    This is being addressed. We are working to attach the file. There's something weird going on with that thread.... for now do not be concerned...

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    hey, hope i'm not being captain obvious, or in some other way talking too much. i know you've been here for a while so cerainly not trying to treat you like a noob but since you're a bit more quiet than others i dont know how familiar you are with the culture. again, huge apologies if this comes off as condescending

    we're a pedantic bunch. and thats a good thing. it doesnt matter that it wasnt your fault, it was still an issue and people care about that. fortunately, jace has this covered.

    also dont worry about a dispute. just cause a score is disputed doesnt mean it will be removed. first someone would have ot have the nerve to dispute it despite all the circumstances. then, well, jace would have to agree to remove it, which it doesnt seem like he will

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  4. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    And I would just like to add that even in the worst case escenario, which would be your score being disputed and removed, you can always just re-submit your score.

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  5. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    I been trying to help Chris Icenhour out on this INP.

    When I get enough money to get Windows and better computer. I will learn how to do MAME INP analyst because their are so few Twin Galaxies members that do it in the first place & have time to do them,
    some incentive would help go long way, not money but Submission Points and if a TG members does a certain amount of MAME analyst he or she can get Twin Galaxies WR certificate or if they do a certain amount even a TG hoodie.

    I have asked about this MAME INP Analyst before on my wall about this problem.
    I predicted the many things that would happen here on TG site, they have come to past. Another Major adjudication problem Speedruns a reliable accurate way to time video game speedruns, what Apps that are good for the player and be acceptable to the majority of Twin Galaxies member community as a whole when adjudicating video game submissions..

    Inline image

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  6. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    As a community of Twin Galaxies members let's find out, a reliable and sure way to get a TG players zipped MAME INP to a players video game thread without any hickups or with errors.

    Their are many TG members who have Uploaded many Zipped INP for their MAME video game submissions. Surely they will know some of the best ways of getting the zipped INP in without errors or problems. That can be shared by all the Twin Galaxies members in our community as a whole. We are here to help each other, especially now, & what is going on in the world today. God would want us to help each other out.

    Here are some TG members who play MAME video games both now and in the past and MAME Experts That would know of the best way the best ways to upload Zipped INP to players MAME video game submissions.

    Methods,programs,apps etc.

    Experts on MAME INP analyst are Andrew Mee, Almighty Dreadlock,Terencew,JasonV91, John McAllsiter,Robert T Mruczek,JPittman,Paul Hornitzky who runs MGLXLIII tournaments

    Mathew Felix,Matt Hall, Andrew Barrow,Darren & Evan Mcgahey,Salim Farhat,CWK,Eric O'brien,Robert McCauley,Max Haraske,Pete Hahn,Sergio Oubel,DB Cooper,Doron Kronski,Martine Racine,Derek Camin,John McNeil,Paul Kearns and others ex cetra

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  7. admin staff's Avatar

    We have attached the inp file to your submission

    please check

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  8. Max's Avatar

    The INP file is now attached in this already approved submission. As for a short term, one off fix, this works fine. The score was and is good as is the database. We can belabor the blind voting issue if people want, but what's the point really? People are going to do what people are going to do.

    The larger issue: submission forms should not allow a user to complete the submission process and actually submit unless an INP file has been attached. Clicking the final submit button should not be possible without an INP being included.

    At the very least, this assures that there is an INP related to every submission.

    @Jace Hall

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