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05-15-2017 at 06:41 AM
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Mario Bros. World Champion in action tonight ,3/10, LIVE...

Quote Originally Posted by maximumsteve View Post Luigi only MB tonight, 3/10, 11:00pm EST start time. Music, murmurs, and ofcourse next level game play. Stop by and say hi!!...

It starts tonight!! Whoever is participating.... You can start streaming from 6:00pm EST and 3:00 PT on through March 19th. Again it is NO POW and playing Luigi on a 2 player game, with Mario killed off over the first few phases and continuing on as Luigi as far as you can go. I will be streaming my first tries, starting around 11:00pm EST tonight(3/10). =vmaximumsteve&autoplay=false" frameborder="0" height="390" width="640">. Good luck all. Remember that you can paste your Twitch game link on the MB League FB page, or if you don't have Facebook, you can reply here with the link and I will post it there so you are on the scoreboard! Feel free to respond to this if any further questions or just to say that you are participating so I can have an idea of how many players we will have. Cheers...
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