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01-17-2019 at 01:01 PM
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POLE POSITION Arcade Track Wall Entry at 01-17-2019 05:52 PM

As some of you may already know, one of my first experiences with TG and PP was a video that I submitted from my crappy old Pole Position machine that flakes out before the game finishes because of a bad power supply, and it has choppy graphics because the monitor needs cap kit (new capacitors). Anyway, i was able to complete a qualifying lap before the machine cut my run off, and that qualifying time was faster than the qualifying lap time for the 3rd place score that was held at the time by Richie Knucklez, which was the highest score on the track at that time that had video evidence available for review. I am not sure if he remembers, but Richie gave me a thumbs up when I posted my video when I stated that my old personal best from the 1980's was close to the #1 record. Many people doubted me then and probably still doubt it, but that is okay and expected.

First I planned to get out to Richie's arcade but that did not happen, and then I was planning to get out to The Galloping Ghost arcade to give a go on their machine, however that is about 800 miles from where I live and I have not been able to co-ordinate a pet sitter during the few times that I had the cash and time to make such a trip. This gave more reason for people to doubt me as I was a no show.


You can now officially count me as one of the contenders for the Pole Position Arcade Track, because a local arcade informed me this morning that they have a Pole Position machine that they are currently restoring, and that they will accommodate my using that machine for a world record attempt once it is available for playing. I cannot promise a time frame when this will happen, but I hope it will be soon, and I definitely will be going there once the machine is ready because they are only about 40 miles away from my home.

Thanks to those who never doubted me, and I hope to give a good show when I get the chance to play on their machine. I opted not to continue playing the MAME version, because the controls are different and I did not want to hinder my PP skills for the arcade version, so my MAME track score does not reflect my arcade skills for this title. I want nothing more than to claim my spot on this track, wherever that spot may be, because I am certain that I can get close to the top of that leader board once I knock the rust off (as I have not played on a working machine for years).

To be continued...

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    I had not played in years and this was the 5th coin drop if I am not mistaken.

    As you can hear, the sound was crapping out too, so I should do much better on a restored machine.

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