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03-13-2019 at 05:14 PM
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Immune System Warning ...... Wall Entry at 03-13-2019 07:59 PM

A while back, a few people here were having some fun joking about the hygiene habits of a fellow community member. As my attempt to inform them that over cleanliness can lead to immune system damage seemed to land on deaf ears, or on those that thought I was full of crap, I thought this article may help bring my point across in a better way than I can project... It seems that someone in New York has the good sense to take this concern seriously, so hopefully everyone can learn something from this article before their anti-bacterial campaign kills all of the good bacteria that their immune system needs to stay healthy, I have been having internet connection problems that are preventing the loading of pages here at TG, so I hope this gets through, as I have been attempting to post if for quite some time now. Apologies in advance for typos, because I may not be able to get pages to load for awhile to comment or fix the link, etc. Anyway, I hope the link works, and I hope that the information is found useful by the community.
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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    ok i know you're referencing me, it wasnt another community member (well technically a member, but not active just a stalker/trouble maker)i was referencing even though as i recall you and one other thought i mgiht have been referecning you.

    i'm actually not super clean myself, on weeks where i dont go out i shower sometimes just once a week, but seldom more than 3 times that week. you know, clean enough to be healthy, smelly, but healthy.

    i was referencing one particular person, who honestly my issues with him arent that petty, its just that i know hes super sensitive about being poor and dirty -- which is weird cause he could just clean up if he was that sensitive about it. its just a matter of me knowing the trigger points and hitting them, nothing deeper than that.

  2. Conjured Entertainment's Avatar

    Its all good, dude.

    I was not trying to judge you or anyone else, or get into any personal debates, or bring back up sensitive personal issues between anyone.

    I was just trying to let those who missed that discussion have an idea of where this post was coming from, instead of thinking it was just some random post.

    I wasn't trying to single anyone out either, you or him, but instead trying to be generic as this issue of immune system health and the adverse effects that the anti-bacterial campaign has on it applies to everyone.

    I just wanted everyone to know that while the jokes are all fine and well outside of personal attacks, there is a serious side to this topic of excessive cleanliness.

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