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03-20-2019 at 04:23 PM
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Talking Board Games..... Wall Entry at 03-20-2019 07:11 PM

Yes kids, before the internet, before video games, before television, and even before radios, there were 'talking board' games.

I've been having fun with this 'talking board' research after getting my hands on that old OUIJA board, and thought I would take a break and make a video.

Just whipped together a brief pictorial reference to some of the various 'talking board' games that were released over the years. (mostly directed at the occult)

I threw in a few clips from the Exorcist, just to make things interesting, and while it is toned down for horror less than that found in games, it still may be a little scary for the faint of heart. (you have been warned)

I used a couple of tracks from "The Greens" for the background music and I like this video the best of the ones I made for their tracks.

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    Can't get any love today?

    How's this for coincidence

    Expert Skill Index:855.49
    World Records:18
    Submission Points:25

    Now let's play with some math....

    Exclude the 1972 because that is the year the OUIJA board that I came across was made, and many people here disregard the CR stat anyway.

    Start with 855.49

    Subtract 18 for 837.49

    Subtract 25 for 812.49

    Subtract 41 for 771.49

    Subtract 56 for 715.49

    Last but not least, lets turn that fraction of a number in the ESI (that's in decimal form) into a whole number and then subtract that too, because spirits only deal with whole numbers.

    Subtract 49 from 715 for 666.

    There you have it kids, timing is everything when dealing with coincidences and superstitions, so with midnight being the witch's hour, that may be the time for playing with your talking boards if you want to scare your friends.

    And, if you have by chance one of those round talking boards that were made and failed miserably commercially, just sit that aside and get one that has corners on it. Evil spirits enter through corners, hence ancient cultures building round houses, and the successful talking boards having their occult symbolism placed in the corners.

    Have fun kids!!

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    Who needs talking boards when the voices in my head won't shut-up!

    Good video... I enjoyed seeing the variety of talking boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyOwnWorstEnemy

    Who needs talking boards when the voices in my head won't shut-up!

    Good video... I enjoyed seeing the variety of talking boards.

    A strong medium does not require the tools needed by those who are not blessed with the gift. I know you are joking about the voices in your head, but it's no joke for those really hearing them. The intellectuals may want you to ignore those voices and label you as crazy for hearing them, but they cannot understand what they reject. The 'talking boards' are tools, but they only work if conditions are right to aid the lesser experienced medium. Even with the right tools, sometimes it is not enough to compensate for their lack of understanding, or their embedded doubt,

    I kept having the thought of a certain person's name while I was making that video above, and I do not usually think of that person unless I am reading one of their posts in an online forum, because that is my only knowledge of them. I didn't think much of it until later when it was made known to me that it was a very special day for that person. Coincidence, or cosmic energy?


    As for, 'the witching hour', it can help those less than strong 'mediums' to make contact. Why is that you ask, after all it's always the midnight hour somewhere on Earth? That is the point. Most of the spirits still with us, that we can easily contact, refused to go to the light. That does not mean any of those spirits are evil, just that there may be 'unresolved issues' preventing it from choosing to continue its journey. Many spirits are residing in the Earth's shadow of the Sun to avoid the light. Those spirits are not traveling with the surface of the Earth as it is revolving, which means the spirits do not reside in a particular place like a house, but rather seek out familiar places in passing. That is why darkness helps a novice 'messenger' to make contact with spirits. This is also why many spirits are grouped closely together and often interfere with each other, and why spirits associated with particular places are sometimes unheard from at that place while another spirit is willing to communicate there. There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to communicating with 'the other side', such as the 'rules' that teach you to fear a 'malevolent spirit'. It feeds on fear, and gains strength from fear. That's why it is imperative that you show no fear. Without fear, you can command a spirit to do your bidding (like sending it back from whence it came), and not in the name of some other entity, but by the power of your energy. That is why the Jesuits have problems with exorcisms, because they lack faith in themselves, hence their need for crosses, holy water, and other 'tools' of their trade. It amazes me how some of the most basic principles have been ignored for so long, when certain spirits have been trying to share this knowledge with you for thousands of years. You must listen in order to learn. Listen to the voices of reason about what happens in the darkness ... just do it... and you might catch 'the midnight show'.




    Anyway, if you treat/name a snake like a pet, then the serpent may not like it and might let you know it. That does not mean that the snake was bad, just that the serpent was misunderstood.

    I'll make a proper 'talking board' and teach you kids how to use it.

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    Here is the work in progress, so the images my change slightly.

    I plan to make these by hand on solid wood by burning in the images.

    With that said, I have not made the first one yet, just playing around with the layout.

    However, strange things are already starting to happen, so maybe prints in this darker color will be okay.

    The name at the top (zomaxzo) is just a place holder, so that will be changed.

    This one is for you ZOZO!

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