• Guidelines For New Track / Variation Requests

    In order to make new track/variation request submissions to TG as efficient as possible, Twin Galaxies requires that the following core information be provided with every request. This will help to streamline the decision-making and setup process.


    (i.e. Atari 2600, Sony PS3, MAME)

    (use the exact name if it is already in the TG database, else provide the exact name of the game release...do not use abbreviations, use the exact name of the title)

    This would be the way that fellow competitors could look up records on this challenge. For racing-based titles use the precise course name and whether this track/variation is for fastest lap, fastest course or, if applicable, highest speed attained. Please consult the existing TG database for samples of previously opened variations on titles such as "F-Zero X" (N64). For time-based performances, the track/variation name is not self-apparent and therefore a convention should be used.

    Previous track/variation conventions include “fastest minimalist completion" among others. When in doubt, check similar titles in the TG database for sample purposes, or use your judgment and the TG staffer upon review will take your verbiage into consideration.

    Score Type:
    From the list below, pick the one that is most applicable to the record in question.
    Whole numbers:
    (i.e. 1,000 or 999,995...no decimal place such as "Donkey Kong")
    (i.e. 5.25 or 300.1 where 1 or more decimal places are required) Please provide the number of decimal places required, usually 1, 2 or 3 will cover most titles.
    Some titles have a built-in timer which keeps track in whole seconds, or down to thousandths of a second. Some titles have no built-in timer and, as such, TG keeps track in whole seconds rounded to the nearest whole second.

    Some performances are over in seconds, some in hours or, in rare cases, game days. Please provide the format as follows when choosing to submit a suggestion for a time-based variation -

    • SS - whole seconds only
    • SS.# - seconds with one (1) decimal place
    • SS.## - seconds with two (2) decimal places
    • SS.### - seconds with three (3) decimal places
    • MM:SS - whole minute/seconds
    • MM,:SS.# thru MM:SS.### - same as for seconds, with 1, 2 or 3 decimal places
    • HH:MM:SS - whole hours/minutes/seconds result
    • HH:MM:SS.# etc - same with 1, 2 or 3 decimal places
    • DD:HH:MM:SS - whole days/etc.

    If the title has something not covered above, such as just a number of days, or even months/days, please provide that information accordingly as there are some titles that are unique in their outcomes.

    Ranking Methodology:
    There are only two choices here, Ascending or Descending.

    • Descending means higher number or slower time is better. Think "Donkey Kong" where 1,000,000 is better than 900,000 or a game where duration is important ("Pooyan" and "Galaga" total game time)

    • Ascending means the lower number or faster time is better. Think Atari 2600 "Miniature Golf" where the best score of "9" would beat a 10 and so forth. Or most racing-based titles where a faster time is a better score.

    Score Prefix:
    Some scores carry with them a prefix such as a monetary designation ($) therefore please provide the prefix information if applicable.

    Score Suffix:
    "Points" covers most point-based scores ("Donkey Kong", "Defender") while there are games where the score is in meters ("Track and Field"), yards, pounds, kilograms, etc. Provide what you can if applicable. No need for time-based scores since it is a given that they represent time.

    Rules For Variation:
    Remember that the goal here is to keep the rules simple and easy to understand, yet covering all the minimum requirements for future records.

    Be concise and factual, and leave out inconsequential information. Unless absolutely necessary for the variation, no need to state the obvious such as "player choice for vehicle/character" and so forth). TG will contact you requesting additional clarification as needed.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. Twin Galaxies goal is to make everything as clear as possible so that conversations and decisions can take place thoughtfully and efficiently!
    Guidelines For New Track / Variation Requests Jace Hall
    1. RTM's Avatar
      RTM -
      Hi donatreides:

      The original ranking thought process was as follows, and keep in mind that it worked behind the scenes as only referees created variations so for us it was easily understood...

      "Descending" meant that the scores would be displayed in descending order...obviously highest to lowest for points, and slowest-to-fastest for time. Since we already knew what that meant there was no need for further FYI text, but as the new variation tool which may soon be created is released, gamers submitting ideas will need to be 100% sure so additional text will surely be included.

      "Ascending" is the exact opposite...for points lower was better (think golf scores), while for time-based challenges faster was better (think your average racing-based title)

      I'm to blame for the term "Integer"...this was going back to the structure and naming convention of the original database so I suppose the term stuck. "Decimal" is more appropriate for sure.

      Robert T Mruczek
      Former Twin Galaxies chief referee
      Star Ward classic arcade marathon champion
    1. Jace Hall's Avatar
      Jace Hall -
      It is time to remind everyone that this is the NEW ERA of Twin Galaxies.


      Twin Galaxies does not care what he/she/you said/did/didn't do in the past. It only cares about what he/she/you said/did/didn't do NOW in this NEW ERA.

      All of these historical accusations, finger pointing, cherry picking, reshaping, totally accurate/totally inaccurate, age-old battles that have cumulatively dragged the entire community down and limited opportunity for everyone are not welcome here. Please keep that kind of discussion to other websites.

      This thread has been cleansed. This sort of interaction will not be allowed to live here. It is not the same old Twin Galaxies. It will never be.

      Twin Galaxies is judging by what people do HERE. NOW. Not by the past.

      The Twin Galaxies community past is very complicated, with many perspectives. While there will never be agreement on the details of behavior and decisions from the past, we can all agree that many people have been hurt, dreams have not been realized and that the overall community has historically suffered.

      That negative parts of the past are not welcome here. It is where it belongs - IN THE PAST.

      This is the NEW ERA. This is the NEW TG.

      Users that continue to attempt to bring up old negative history for the sole purpose of discrediting, hurting, or harassing others will get a warning and then get banned on a second violation. Twin Galaxies is done with this nonsense. It is time to move forward positively. Either get with this idea and support it, or leave the site.
    1. RTM's Avatar
      RTM -
      Agreed, and thanks, Jace !!

      With so many incarnations of the TG forum, more than a hundred thousand replies easily, spanning almost 20 years, a complete reboot is the way to go...the "New TG" as you named it.
      Agreed, and thanks, Jace !!

      With so many incarnations of the TG forum, more than a hundred thousand replies easily, spanning almost 20 years, a complete reboot is the way to go...the "New TG" as you named it.
      Oh look welcome back robert
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