• 32nd Anniversary of Todd Roger's Unbeaten Atari 2600 Dragster World Record!

    (simulated screenshot above)

    Today marks the 32nd anniversary that Todd Rogers set a very important (and still unbeaten) world record on "Dragster" by Activision for the Atari 2600. Here are some notable elements of this achievement:

    1 - This is the earliest DOCUMENTED AND TWIN GALAXIES-VERIFIED console gaming world record

    2 - This is the longest-standing unbeaten TWIN GALAXIES console gaming world-record

    3 - This is the first (and possibly only) DOCUMENTED AND TG-VERIFIED time that a human being beat a computer's programmed outcome at a title

    4 - This is the ONLY TG console gaming record that can seemingly never, ever be taken away...oldest unbeaten console gaming world record. Since the theoretical absolute best that a gamer can do now is to tie it, Todd will not only retain the mantle of holding the oldest unbeaten console gaming world record with TG, even if someone ties it (A) they can never beat it and (B) the fact that his record has stood for so long can never, ever be broken!

    5 - Todd himself only accomplished a 5.51 on "Dragster" three (3) times in 1982, one of which was widely documented and accepted by TG, and he did a number of 5.54's over the years which equals that of the computer's best performance.

    Former TG chief referee Robert MrucZek, having been witness to thousands of scores from 2006 and prior, let us know that he counts Todd's record as "one of the TOP TWO (2) unbeatable video game scores of all time, along with Phil Britt's "Paperboy" grand slam...that's more impressive than being party of the top five, mind you...these quite simply ARE the top two. THAT is how impressive the score is."

    Twin Galaxies was founded in 1981.

    Todd's score was performed in 1982.

    It is one of the oldest unbeaten video game world records in the TG database.

    This is an impressive milestone. What other long standing records lie within the Twin Galaxies database? Dive in and find out!
    1. RTM's Avatar
      RTM -
      Kudos to one of the most awesome scores in the TG database. It may only be less than 6 seconds long, but for 32 years it has remained unbeatable and unparalleled. Congrats, Todd :)
    1. Siliconian's Avatar
      Siliconian -
      Congratulations Todd, amazing score!!! My oldest score is Metal Gear Solid (Playstation) done in 2000, so 14 years have been passed, a personal record to me!!!
    1. Barra's Avatar
      Barra -
      Congrats Todd! Is there a video of a 5.51 available for public view?
    1. homerwannabee's Avatar
      homerwannabee -
      I actually find Todd's Journey Escape score on the Atari 2600 to be most impressive. 84 and half hours long, and he racked up an even harder to beat score. A thousand years from now I could see that Journey Escape record standing.
    1. 1500points's Avatar
      1500points -
      NIce. Activision games on Atari 2600, what a glorious era of home entertainment.
    1. JNugent's Avatar
      JNugent -
      Congrats Todd!
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