• Twin Galaxies Arcade & eSports Event Center LIVES!

    After more than 30 years, the Twin Galaxies Arcade is reborn!

    Dear Twin Galaxies Community,

    For the first time since 1984, video gaming and player ranking authority Twin Galaxies is opening its own private arcade and eSports professional expo center and celebrating the landmark event with a star-studded broadcast that will be streamed live in partnership with Geek & Sundry and The Nerdist.

    Video gaming enthusiasts will be able to tune in to the event live via the Geek & Sundry and Nerdist channels on Twitch.tv, as well as from TwinGalaxiesLive.com this Sunday, May 31st, 2015, from 12 PM 4 PM PDT.

    Obviously this is exciting news for us and will raise a lot of questions within the community so in an attempt to answer some of those forthcoming questions up front, here is a simple Q&A.

    Wait a minute! Twin Galaxies now has an arcade again? EXPLAIN THIS TO ME NOW!

    Yes, Twin Galaxies has an arcade again. However, it is not a public arcade by any means. The arcade is actually more than just an arcade because it is equipped with PC's and Consoles and etc. so that it can function as a full eSports and expo center that focuses purely on video game competition of all types across the board.

    Twin Galaxies believes that eSports is inclusive of ALL electronic gaming, not just single games like League of Legends or Call of Duty and etc. Yes, those tournaments are part of eSports, but eSports in general is a much larger category than just those few game events that make headlines.

    So, in the spirit of this vision, Twin Galaxies felt that it needed to have and maintain its own private OLYMPIC like facility, where it could hold and broadcast contests, challenges, tournaments and world record events of any kind throughout the year exclusively for the Twin Galaxies community and its players that participate on the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard (soon to include all speedrunning.)

    This Twin Galaxies Arcade and eSports Expo Center is huge. Where did it come from?

    The Twin Galaxies Arcade and eSports center is the result of a collaboration between Twin Galaxies and the organization that runs the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California. We collectively agreed on a vision and have been bringing resources together to make that vision a reality.

    What is this celebration event that is happening on May 29th? Can I come?

    This event is to simply help the world know that the Twin Galaxies Arcade and eSports center exists.

    There are no formal tournaments or contests being held at this event. Instead, we have invited a number of top Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, relevant media personalities, celebrities, press and etc. to come to the facility to report on it, play games and also use the facility as a giant production set where they can shoot and create content for their own channels.

    In exchange for the ability to shoot their various shows/skits/broadcasts for the day at the facility, they just need to mention Twin Galaxies in whatever it is they create. It's a great opportunity for them to shoot in a location that they would otherwise never be able to.

    Most of these visiting people have many millions of channel subscribers, so we are hopeful that the word about our amazing new facility will get out in the world.

    If you are a Twin Galaxies VERIFIED member holding at least ONE ranking on a track (or your CR rating is above 1500) and are able to come to the facility on May 29th, you will be allowed in to play and have fun. There is no fee and this is an all day event.

    What about other arcades? Does this mean that Twin Galaxies will not support them or do events with them?

    The new Twin Galaxies Arcade and eSports Center has no impact on Twin Galaxies' desire or interest in supporting other arcades and their events worldwide in whatever ways make sense to do so. Twin Galaxies supports ALL of gaming and game culture and is not in competition with other Arcades - which is why Twin Galaxies Arcade is specifically not public, and is only intended to be used for the numerous special year round multi-platform and championship events that are related to the scoreboard specifically. (Think more like the Olympics.)

    You keep mentioning that the facility is private. Will it ever be opened to the public?

    Yes, at least once or twice a year we will open the facility in the tradition that the previous Arcade Expo in Banning, CA had - but outside of this, the main function of the site is to be true championship eSports facility where live competition can take place and be appreciated by all, including a cheering audience!

    We know there are arcade games there, but what other platforms are there?

    We are in the continuous process of installing everything we can. From Atari 2600 to high end PC's to PS4. We have not completed everything yet, but it is getting there. The goal of course is to make it possible to have numerous competitions across many different platforms all at the same time.

    When is Twin Galaxies planning on having a championship there?

    We are currently working on figuring this out. When we are ready to announce something it will be here first on www.twingalaxies.com

    We are sure that there will be more questions, so please post them here and we will answer as many as we can!
    1. 1500points's Avatar
      1500points -
      pretty cool this worked out.
      And at the location where you first met Walter, as evidenced in the video below.

      This video should be copied down from YT incase it disappears in future.
    1. Desidious's Avatar
      Desidious -
      Tell me you need a janitor... you know you need a janitor. I'll janitor that place up real good after hours. Don't worry about the sudden high scores on your cabinets, you probably have a ghost. :)
    1. d3scride's Avatar
      d3scride -
      Wow that place looks amazing. I'd love to check it out.
    1. datagod's Avatar
      datagod -
      I understand now why TG Live has been airing re-runs! Congratulations everyone, I so wish I could be there again.

    1. NEO Un's Avatar
      NEO Un -
      Congratulations to all that made this come true. It's really awesome. Definitely, it gives back the deserved attention to TG...at the same time keeps the Game's legacy not just for us, gamers, but to everyone.

      Well done.
      Hoping I can visit there, soon. Must be great :)
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