• Dramatic Escalation In Donkey Kong World Record Rivalry Between Champions Wes Copeland and Robbie Lakeman!

    Wes Copeland's final killscreen moment and celebratory reaction pictured above

    At approximately 9pm PST on Thursday September 17, 2015 - with much anticipation, the Donkey Kong community watched live as champion Wes Copeland completed what could only be described as an incredible score performance on his Donkey Kong arcade machine.

    After more than 3 hours of intense and continuous gameplay, Wes Copeland set a score that once verified and adjudicated would become the new world record for Donkey Kong!

    Wes became the first person to ever get over 1.1 million on his first man, as well as he was able to sacrifice his 3 extra men on the final barrel screen, essentially making this a near-perfect game.

    Earlier this year, competitor and champion Robbie Lakeman broke the Donkey Kong world record (his own) with an impressive final score of 1,158,400 - However, Wes Copeland's epic final performance of 1,170,500 sent the entire Donkey Kong world on fire.

    As soon as Mr. Copeland finished his incredible game, word quickly spread across the internet and competitive juices began to rapidly flow, with official world record holder Robbie Lakeman immediately jumping on to his Donkey Kong machine to attempt to re-establish his supremacy.

    All eyes turned to Mr. Lakeman's live twitch stream as a determined Lakeman tapped his deep inner resolve to hold back the burgeoning Donkey Kong era that would be the domain of Copeland.

    The burning question on everyone's mind:

    Can Robbie Lakeman produce a world record score at will? Can he just hear about someone potentially beating his world record and then literally walk over to a Donkey Kong Arcade machine and summarily minimize the other person's time in the sun to only a matter of hours?

    As it turns out, the answer to that question is apparently yes, because just under 6 hours later, at roughly 2:45 am on September 18, 2015 - Robbie Lakeman achieved an unbelievable score of 1,172,100!


    Please note that both of these score performances have not yet been officially adjudicated and verified by Twin Galaxies at this current time. Currently, only Wes Copeland's score perfomance has been formally submitted and can be reviewed here:


    Robbie Lakeman has not yet submitted his score performance to Twin Galaxies for review and proper archival, however you can see his performance in 2 parts located at his twitch channel in the archives there:

    Certainly the rivalry between these two excellent competitors is increasing and their gameplay is being driven to new heights. The quest to be the "King of Kong" continues to escalate and will culminate in an explosive confrontation from Oct 2nd - 4th at the Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival - where Wes Copeland and Robbie Lakeman will face off head-to-head in a series of exclusive battles to see who truly is the best. This is a must see event!

    For more information, visit www.TwinGalaxiesFestival.com

    Huge congrats to both of these outstanding players! We look forward to reviewing these performances and recognizing your incredible achievements!
    1. 1500points's Avatar
      1500points -
      This is one of those moments where TG needs to learn from the past showmanship of Walter and emulate one of his legendary news shorts.
      TGL could easily emulate this old layout and have a very digestable vid to take to national media.
    1. Barthax's Avatar
      Barthax -
      Shame the new Recent Submission stuff gets in the way of finding the actual article! Any way of switching that off/moving it down the page?
    1. timmell's Avatar
      timmell -
      That's what we try to do with Settle it on the Screen. The video is the reason we do the show. But due to time and other constraints it is what it is.
    1. 1500points's Avatar
      1500points -
      I understand Michael, and I was referring to a very focused and short reference to DK as more of a public marketing focus.
      Your long broadcast is more centric to the TG players it seems.

      This vid story has tons of momentary traction if utilized wisely.
    1. Ripper's Avatar
      Ripper -
      Two of the best DK games ever played... back to back!
    1. muscleandfitness's Avatar
      muscleandfitness -
      Lit wht da fttt classic yer buddy. Im gone.
    1. 1500points's Avatar
      1500points -
      It would be the best ending to the story if that funny guy from Australia slammed down 1.2m score.
      Time for a new documentary with lots of surfing mixed into it like Endless Summer.
    1. muscleandfitness's Avatar
      muscleandfitness -
      it would be great lol ^
    1. ReccaWolf's Avatar
      ReccaWolf -
      I saw this through Twitch on Wes's channel and nearly cried. I know how hard the game was and he was literally tearing his hair out trying to reach one million points and beyond from the higher levels before the killscreen. Just one bad luck after another, but kept rooting for him that the day will come. Last night was that time, and I sent my congrats to Wes via Twitch on my ipad on a superb and awesome job on claiming the highest achievement in Donkey Kong world record history! I'm sure many Twitch viewers right now, either noobs or pros, will likely want to achieve that status that Wes and many other TG pros have done over the years in gaming history. Congrats again, Wes. If you're reading this, I've saved your 2 DK moment videos on YouTube to my favorites, and I hope to meet you someday. You got me pumped to go for any arcade now and try my hand at a world record. Seriously, if I have the time and patience, I would like to be a pro gamer just as yourself and have my score recorded in history. Thanks again, Wes, for the outstanding live recorded history in the making! *hugs* ;)
    1. muscleandfitness's Avatar
      muscleandfitness -
      well said mate.. i loved his game as well .it was fken Awesome.. first man mill and the highest at that never been done in human history. NWR. lit tears sir.. love you wes no homeo lol
    1. ReccaWolf's Avatar
      ReccaWolf -
      well said mate.. i loved his game as well .it was fken Awesome.. first man mill and the highest at that never been done in human history. NWR. lit tears sir.. love you wes no homeo lol
      LOL! XD

      Thanks, Muscle. I'm now a fan of this site, so I hope to see more friends like Wes and yourself have fun. ;)
    1. mikee_mcfly's Avatar
      mikee_mcfly -
      That's awesome. On a different note does anyone else call bs on the robotron scores from Walters video?????? Lol 252 million? The world record is over 300 million but no one has broken 2 million since the 80s........any other opinions?
    1. Barra's Avatar
      Barra -
      Awesome DK all around. One of the greatest weekends for the game, ever.

      mikee_mcfly - People have well and truly broken 2 million, they are just not represented on the TG Robotron scoreboard.
      IIRC there was a 100m race, or something similar, a while back. Ken House was one of the participants. There are many active Robotron players who can marathon it.
      As to the legitimacy of the current Robotron records, that requires a thread of its own :)
    1. 1500points's Avatar
      1500points -
      That topic has been well clarified by me in multiple threads so the video you can take as just a fun glimpse in enthusiasm.
      Simplest way to remember it is that TGIS allowed multicredit marathons in 82-83 per the written rulesets.
      There are a couple of pages on my robotron2084guidebook site dedicated to marathoning Robotron if you get curious.

      Here is a TG story about marathoning it-
    1. mikee_mcfly's Avatar
      mikee_mcfly -
      Ok that makes a lot more sense now. I was thinking that much on 1 quarter is insane lol
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