• 80's Arcade Vintage Photos Anyone? Co-Founder and CEO of J!NX Asks the Twin Galaxies Community

    From CEO Sean Gailey,

    "I've had an idea in my head for a long time now, but I need a photo for it and I was hoping maybe the Twin Galaxies Community would have some ideas. Someone may have a vintage photo that they would sell us the rights to? I'm picturing an 80s arcade, black and white preferred (we can obviously just do that ourselves too), with a group of people hanging playing vids. The ideal photo really captures the culture. It was (is) fun, social, competitive, exciting, and it changed gaming forever. Here's some example shots, along with why they are not the right photo:

    Not quite far enough back, not the right angle, and not enough people, it doesn't look as social as it was. I like the cabinet styles though.

    Looks a tad more social, but bad because it's not in an arcade.

    Looks a little more social, but not a good shot of the classic cabinet styles. The picture is also pretty blurry.

    We are specifically looking for vintage photography of arcades from the 80s, complete with the people and the dress style as seen in my sample photos. Does anyone have anything from that era by any chance?"


    **If you think you might have some photos for Sean, please PM me here on the site and I can put you in contact! This can be a great opportunity for someone. :)
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