• Wes Copeland Submits The Greatest Donkey Kong Performance of All Time!


    While it is not yet officially adjudicated by Twin Galaxies as a new world record, the scope of the Donkey Kong accomplishment that World Champion Wes Copeland has submitted demands immediate attention.

    Wes' latest submission of 1,218,000 points, is not just potentially a new world record for the Arcade platform, but it also dominates a 3 year standing score of 1,206,800 set by Dean Saglio on the MAME platform (Arcade emulation version of Donkey Kong.)

    Dean's score has been thought by some to not actually be attainable on an original Donkey Kong Arcade cabinet.

    After submitting a score performance of what literally may be the greatest Donkey Kong performance ever recorded during the last 35 years, Wes had this to say:

    My goal with Donkey Kong has always been to have a game where I could look back and say "I don't think I could've done any better". I think this is the one. As a result, I'm now retired.
    Congrats to Wes, and we look forward to adjudicating this score!

    Click here to go to the official adjudication thread:

    1. f_symbols's Avatar
      f_symbols -
      BBB p-grab ftw
    1. datagod's Avatar
      datagod -
      Incredible score Wes!
    1. cheetah34p's Avatar
      cheetah34p -
      Congrats Wes Buddy! What an amazing score! :-).
    1. kernzyp's Avatar
      kernzyp -
      And relax !
      Well done Wes.
    1. neostorm's Avatar
      neostorm -
      Amazing job Wes!!
    1. Ripper's Avatar
      Ripper -
      This is one amazing Donkey Kong score!
    1. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
      bensweeneyonbass -

      That is all.
    1. ZEN's Avatar
      ZEN -
      Amazing job Wes! All that dedication was worthwhile.
    1. Cloister's Avatar
      Cloister -
      And that......is that :-)
      Well done Wes.
      Muchos Kudos
    1. NEO Un's Avatar
      NEO Un -
      Congrats, man. You deserve.
    1. homerwannabee's Avatar
      homerwannabee -
      This game definitely got some press, and public attention. It was nice to that.
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