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    Robert Mruczek Born 10/20/64; Brooklyn, New York

    Personal Profile

    I am told that my zodiac sign is Libra, "the judge." Maybe that explains why I find beating video games so exciting. I've been playing games for about 25 years, ever since the day my parents took me to Sears and Roebucks and dropped me off at the Sears Pong demo TV while they shopped. I handily beat the other kids and adults most of the time (I was never totally unbeatable, but never got trashed).

    I am currently working as Manager of Accounting Information Systems in the accounting department of a major New York based advertising agency.

    My hobbies include collecting casino chips and golden age comic books (1940's & prior) and original comic book art, playing paddleball and pool, playing video games (of course), especially classic video games and role-playing games, and my weekly poker games with my friends.

    What I can't do without (besides video games) - my cat Rusty, E-Bay, Indian restaurants & sushi bars, the Twin Galaxies message board(!)and my laser disc copy of Terminator 2, which I watch at least once a month. !!

    Best Scores


    Star Wars (marathon settings) - intentionally killed game at 300 million, 49.50 hours

    Star Wars (TG settings) - 2,599,701 (hoping to beat this at Funspot this year)

    Defender & Missile Command (factory settings) - got 6 million on one, 12 million on the other, but can't remember which was which

    Scramble (factory settings) - approx 325-330K (would like to beat this at Funspot, or at least reach the 200K mark). I can't remember my score on "fast fuel" consumption difficulty.

    Super Cobra (factory settings) - approx 120-130K

    Commando (factory settings) - 1,622K (one helluva workout, too!)

    Russian Attack (factory settings) - reached end of 2nd "final stage", not sure of score. This is actually one of my favorite games to play. Not sure if I reached 300K or 400K range

    Cloak and Dagger (factory settings) - reached the NEXT to the last level before completing game . . .one of the few games I still hope to beat one day (can't remember score)

    Mighty Karnov (factory settings) - scored 999,999 before scoring stopped, reaching last stage and never figuring out how to beat the stage. (Can anyone help-???)

    Turbo Sub (factory settings) - about 4.5 BILLION!! (Yes, there is a "cheesy tactic" to doing this...I admit it! Play on expert mode, shoot the initial screen/barrier (the six aliens), and spend the next hour or so in the next screen after shooting all enemies but one, and carefully dodging the shots. Still tough to do, however.

    Tron (original chip, factory settings) - killed game at 993K on my 3rd guy due to classes.

    Robotron (factory settings) - turned over to the 20 million mark, just to prove a point. Scored even higher on 20K/man settings.

    Tempest (factory settings, starting from level 9) - reached "invisible" level 9 (I think level 73).

    Make Trax (no "black hole") - somewhere in the 400K-500K range mostly due to hunting.

    Galaxian (factory settings, I assume) - scored in the low 140K range. I'm now getting expert advice from Perry Rogers on the SONY Playstation version and I've reached 193K so far, averaging a mere 70-90K however, so my consistency needs improvement.


    Magnavox Odyssey 2

    Pick Axe Pete - scored approx. 1,900 points (can't remember precise number, but sent VHS to Walter Day)

    KC Munchkin - 2,961 points

    Freedom Fighter - approx 800 points (sent Walter tape but can't remember score)

    Atari 2600

    Donkey Kong - in the 849K range (Ron Corcoran at Snipercade has all of my tapes/scores)

    Kaboom - in my heyday, I reached the 1 million mark. Hoping to get to that point again and set my mark on Ron's Atari 2600 world record site. I figure, if I did it before . . .

    Wizard of Wor - 1st person ever to break 300K with a score of 320K set at the Atari 2600 challenge in Nov-Dec/00, although Ron Corcoran TRASHED my score with 600K a few days later!

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I hold the dubious honor of being the record holder here at 22,000 points...someone had to be the record holder!!

    Sega Dreamcast

    Crazy Taxi - On the "Crazy Through" mini-game, I performed 169 consecutive crazy-throughs, tape was sent to Twin Galaxies recently. I also managed a "Crazy Jump" of 356 yards in mini-game S-1 and submitted to TG on VHS tape, and have recently beaten that by approx 3 yards. I will try for 360 yards before recording again.

    Nintendo 64

    F-Zero-X - on easy mode, playing the "King" circuit, managed to finish 1st place in every race (600 points) with the next closest computer opponent score of about 323 points!

    Other Feats and Interesting Tidbits

    Toughest challenges - Super Missile Command (reached level 10 and about 70K...WOW this game gets fast!!) and Super Galaxian (got approx 40-43K)

    Arcade game I will NEVER, EVER be able to beat - "Vampire". If anyone can figure out what to do, let me know !!

    Most fun challenge - played Missile Command with the right button broken and still scored almost 180K !!

    Most fun challenge - played Star Wars with a yoke that had a "time lag" malfunction...it moved a slight moment AFTER you motioned the yoke in a given direction, so I had to play the entire game making my movements in advance, and timing my shots with incoming fireballs. I still managed to score over 5 million before stopping. The game was only on " easy" setting, however.

    Most interesting feat ever witnessed on an arcade game - I saw a player completing the laserdisc game "Cliffhanger" while playing behind his back...yes, there is someone out there that got that good at the game. Wish I had a VHS camera handy back then!!!
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