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Platform Game Version Variation Scores/Time Verification Method Rank
Candy Crush Saga World 1: Episode 1: Candy Town: Level 2 66,800 TGSAP 1 view
Nintendo DS
Sonic Colors (DS) Time Attack - Tropical Resort - Act 1 01:21.03 TGSAP 1 view
Hover! Points - Easy - Random map order 132,975 TGSAP 1 view
Candy Crush Saga World 1: Episode 1: Candy Town: Level 1 11,160 TGSAP 2 view
Fruit Ninja Arcade Mode (1:00) - Basic Dojo 827 TGSAP 2 view
Nintendo DS
Tetris DS NTSC/PAL - Touch - Tower - Level 2 11,100 TGSAP 2 view
Threes Points 2,598 TGSAP 3 view
Two Dots Points - Level 1 1,544 TGSAP 3 view
3D Space Cadet Pinball Default 7,475,000 TGSAP 18 view

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Posted At : 05-20-2019 at 09:15 AM.

I'm back and fundraiser

Hey guys, I'm back after a break. Also, I'm helping to raise funds for the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer.

If this fundraiser hits:

$100 - I will dye my hair pink and dance to O-Zone's Dragostea Din Tei on camera (if I can get a song

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Posted At : 09-09-2017 at 10:44 PM.

Hurricanes and Records

Hurricane Irma is heading for Florida, and I've been getting ready and staying safe. I'll be stuck in the house for some time, but at least I can still try and blow away some more records.

Posted At : 08-31-2017 at 01:38 PM.

Setting a record at the speed of sound

Sent in a record for Sonic Colors for the DS. Hope my gaming and videography get me on the scoreboard.

Posted At : 08-08-2017 at 09:17 PM.

New Record Submissions

I officially submitted some records:

I turned in a score for Hover! on Easy - Random map order, and I finally redid my Candy Crush Level 2 score. I hope this "sets things right" after that power-up scandal.

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Posted At : 06-20-2017 at 08:14 PM.

Here we go again

Looks like my credibility took a big dip. Better get it back up.

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