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12-02-2016 at 06:33 AM
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Turbo Grafx rgb update

Just received my rgb cable yesterday so figured I'd post a couple pics. 1 of Bonk's Adventure running on my Sony BVM, the other is of my new cable. Better quality cable than I expected and have no problems recommending it.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar
    most underrated system ever. While i do feel snes was better, not by as much as most people seem to think.
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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Yeah,I guess this is a pretty good day for me,but...
    I'm sitting here jealous of you.
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  3. CWK's Avatar
    Just tried ordering an ever drive for it but apparently krikzz doesn't accept paypal. Unless they email me back with further options I may need to order it from somewhere else
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    I can tell you a good place with a TG16 flash,129$/149$,that is supposed to work well,but I am a mod there,and don't want to break rules here if is inappropriate to link. I have NOTHING to do with promotion/sales,and don't directly benefit from their sales,free testing equipment occasionally.
  5. fredb999's Avatar
    I bought my everdrive here.

    And accepted paypal.

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  6. CWK's Avatar
    Thanks guys. @fredb999 I was hoping for version 2.5. Retrogate looks to only have 2.4. Not sure what the difference is but 2.5 must be better? Oh here's the reply I got from krikzz.

    Hello Clay!

    It's impossible because PayPal doesn't allow us to sell EverDrives.

    Best regards

    Lol. paypal doesn't allow it. ****-off. May have to borrow a credit card to place an order but would like to know the difference between 2.4 n 2.5
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