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02-24-2017 at 05:27 AM
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Ideas for streaming high quality content on Twitch using capture devices

Ideas for streaming high quality content on Twitch using capture devices

I hope the retro console gamers find this website to be helpful. I used it as a guide for myself. I'm just going to leave this here..

I hope this is a start to great a discussion on getting the best possible setup for the lowest price. Also it could promote the idea so that more people want to get into this type of thing.

I use a few different devices depending on the console involved and whether I need a scart signal to goto my capture card and ultimately my TV or S-video. Some consoles can only do RCA composite like the NES without modding as well.

CWK ( ) has some fantastic input on this also;

" There's a seller on ebay that makes rgb scart cables which plug into the expansion port on the tg-16 so no mod needed for that one

I Believe the PC Engine and TG-16 have the same pinouts at the expansion port. If your interested and can't ffind it I could find the sellers name for you. My only gripe is the cable coulda been longer but maybe he could make it longer. Here's a link to my wall where I posted a couple pics a while back. "
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    Another great resource for getting the best possible video quality out of your retro consoles is My Life in Gaming's RGB Master Class series on YouTube. Below are links to each of the playlists:

    RGB 100

    RGB 200

    RGB 300

    Super entertaining and informative. I've personally used many of their tips and tricks.


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    Hi Cyriss:

    I play Intellivision as you know.

    It doesn't help me that every article on the internet says "stay away from using RF; the quality is no good on your HD TV".

    LOL - that doesn't help me when that's the output of the console, and I own an HD TV.

    Is there a "capture card" or some kind of "converter" or "Adapter" that I can plug into and get HDMI or triple-RCA? I can't find it anywhere. I have a new TV and no way of plugging my console into it.
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    I watched the videos on the links above and the guys explain how they set up their 20 "retro" systems. Those aren't even retro systems. Xbox, Sega, PS are all "modern" consoles with Triple-RCA and S-Video outputs ... really easy to hook up to a new TV.

    No need for these videos.

    What we need is a video on how to plug a North-American "RF" Output (Intellivision or Atari) into a brand new TV. There's no way to do it.
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    Everyone I know hates these new TV's.

    They seemed to try to make them for "dummies" and in turn, people like me, who enjoy the 100 inputs of my old TV - only gets HDMI or a "one-pin" composite input (with an adapter provided in the box).

    The manufacturers have actually made it much more complicating to attach anything to the TV's ... unless you're using HDMI.

    I guess they expect us to throw out our 15 electronics that used to plug into our old TV's and just watch Netflix for the rest of our lives (conveniently found on the built-in Wifi in the TV).

    I don't need built-in Wifi. What I need is somewhere to plug in all of my electronics.

    TV manufacturers have missed the boat.

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