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01-13-2018 at 04:19 PM
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The loss of SIOTS

It's hard to explain how I feel after the SIOTS finale,

The word that best describes the predominant feeling is outrage. How could the very show that celebrated the culture and the community be pushed to the side? While it's just my humble opinion, having sampled the other shows a few times I cannot say I would be interested to give them another look. I remember being invited to watch the show for the first time, after my first submission to Twin Galaxies (TG) and was asked which picture I wanted them to show during an episode of Settle it on the Screen (SIOTS). In the end I couldn't pick just one. I wanted to look presentable to the world, but I also wanted to show everyone that I loved to play video games. Two pictures were sent to SIOTS in an attempt to define my identity. One looked admittedly goofy and the other just acceptable in my mind. Anyway, they immediately told me not to worry too much because I could show whatever picture I wanted for future TG world record achievements. I was on cloud nine for a week or more after finally seeing the score appear on the show. The reading of the scores by SIOTS was a great service to the community and I know anyone who has had this happen for them can relate. The rest of the show was an exciting mixture about events directly related to us, guest appearances by people who have a genuine love for gaming and the community, game play of new and retro games, live tournaments that actually allowed us to Settle it on the Screen, and news about changes to the community that were important and relevant. They also opened a window that only SIOTS could provide into the culture that is TG. It's was an absolute treat if you didn't have the ability to make it to some of those events such as the Midwest Gaming Classic.

Needless to say, I also feel heartbroken that this was let go. I hope that others were not as affected by this as I was. If you were, I would love to hear about your comments or experiences.

- David Holycross
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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    It's still hard to believe, Man.

    I started watching Settle a couple of weeks after I joined, a little over a year ago, haven't missed an episode, that I recall, seriously.

    Burgertime was supposed to be an isolated event, I think.
    I got good at one game, like some do with Kong, through weeks and weeks of trial and frustration, but I wasn't a "Superstar Gamer".
    Until those Guys decided I was.

    My life is fine, but, Man, I never get to win-those Guys made me feel as validated for trying hard as anyone ever has in my life, and trying to impress them was something that surely helped push me to where I am now.

    I have an honest-to-goodness nickname, like a Superhero or an MMA fighter, that will matter to me forever because of those Guys. I like being the silly one, and I appreciate them seeming to acknowledge that.

    Thanks, Guys.
    You did your best to make us, the gamers shine, and that's what makes you the real Superstars.
    Our World is forever fractured, this shouldn't have happened.
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  2. Max's Avatar
    SIOTS absolutely represented the active communities interests on TG to near perfection. They went out of their way to cover as many players as possible and as many games as possible. Whatever they may have lacked in "slickness" was truly made up for by their collective love for gamers and gaming. This love genuinely showed itself over and over, episode after episode.

    Thank you SIOTS crew. You should all be proud of yourselves. You did a great job. You pretty much exactly covered TG from top to bottom on a nightly basis in it's full entirety. The show will be sorely missed.

    I gave "the other show" a shot the other day and heard all about arena gaming and the payment structure from top to bottom and all I could think about was this doesn't apply at all to the active TG community.

    I see the news feed stories and all I can think about is very little of this applies to the active TG community.

    These venues (GTL and the newsfeed) feel manufactured and controlled towards obtaining a mainstream gaming audience. While I don't doubt the effort, skills or costs required to produce such media, nor do I doubt the intent or abilities of those directly involved in producing this media, nor do I dismiss TG's conclusion to represent it's "brand" using such media, it sure feels like Walmart just ran into town and wiped out all the small mom and pop retailers in one fell swoop.

    It is what it is I guess.
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  3. Snowflake's Avatar
    One episode of the other show grabbed my attention because it was about magic, and before TG i used to play ALOT of magic, and I mean ALOT even though i've now left that part of my life behind. The relevance was banning cheaters. Then again, i dont see the relevance cause we dont do that here
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    Anyone ever attended a rock concert of one of your favorite bands?

    You were hoping for that band to play some of your favorite songs, (or say the popular ones), instead, they decided to play what THEY wanted, (some new uninterested stuff, and not played for the audience. (what WE wanted)

    Well this is how I, and most of us regulars feel right now.
    Disappointed and real sad, man!
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  6. Megaretroman's Avatar
    Mike, Nick and Glen always found a way to genuinely put someone over. Some even with a little humor as well.
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