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04-20-2019 at 04:50 PM
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I am going on a long trip to China to visit family and friends. I will be gone for the next four months starting April 21st. Looking to be back home around August 18th. Please feel free to ask me about how to find me on WeChat as that will be the only reliable way to communicate with me during my stay in China. See you space cowboy..

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    See you on the other side, Jack

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    Welcome David to Twin Galaxies

    correction I should say How was the trip to China before all this happen? Did you visit the wall of china?

    Question I see that you play racing video games and have impressive WR's

    Sega Rally Championship 2NTSC - Time Attack - Riviera [Fastest Race]01:44.955 TGSAP 1view

    Daytona USA / Daytona USA 2001 NTSC - Time Attack - Circuit Pixie - Normal Track [Fastest Race]02:29.843

    Out Run 2 NTSC - Out Run Arcade - Out Run Mode [Points]4,335,682TGSAP1

    1. Have you tried out the arcade racing game Fast and the Furious Super Cars or any of the modern arcade games?

    2. What do you think, your opinion of race time of 05.79? Note this a legl time no cheats just lots of flips from 1 to 2 seconds

    Here are the stats

    1. Super Flip = 1 second X 1= 1 second taken off the original final race time
    2. Mondo Roll = 2 seconds X 52 = 104 seconds or 1 minute 44 seconds or 1:44 taken off the original final race time
    3. Giant Heli = 2 seconds X 18 = 36 seconds taken off the original final race time
    4. Total time taken off = 1 seconds or :01 + 1:54 + 36 seconds or :36 = 2 minutes 21 seconds or 2:21
    Original race time is 2:26.79 - 2:21 = 5.79

    Twin Galaxies members who voted on the video game submission -> Nintendo 64 - Cruis'n Exotica - NTSC - Challenge - Mars - Venusville To Cerberus Race - 05.79 - Brandon Finton

    Be safe in these times and God Bless you and your family and friends.

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