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01-29-2018 at 06:12 AM
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My Theory on Todd, Dragster, and Cheating......

I’ve spoken to Todd Rogers a few times via Facebook Messenger. All of my interactions with him have been very positive. We talked video games and we’ve also discussed tarantula keeping.

I want to believe that the world is full of good people. I want to believe that when I interact with a “nice person” that they are in fact genuinely nice.

My theory, which is just a personal assumption and nothing more, is that Todd was a teenager that got in over his head with a lie.

Did the lie start with Todd? Was he just a kid that wanted to submit an unbeatable score?

Did the lie start with Activision? Did they want to set an unbeatable bar in an effort to sell more carts?

Was it a misunderstanding that turned into a lie? A mis-read Photo or a typo? Once a financial offer came in from Activision, I’m sure it would have been difficult for either side to admit to a lie.

What I do know is that Todd is a human being. From his own accounts documented in “Chasing Ghosts”, he is a guy that has had some struggles in life. There is a perceived longing to get “back to the good old days” which was just never meant to be. A series of false scores seemed to pile up as a result.

My hope for @Todd rogers , for @TWIN GALAXIES , and for the classic gaming community is that this is a turning point in a positive direction for everyone involved.
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  1. Tompa's Avatar
    I would really like to hear some kind of statement from Todd on all of this. That's one way for him to get some respect at least.
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  2. Snowflake's Avatar
    April fools I submitted a clearly false score on donkey kong of 1.3 million

    during the dragster dispute i entered a score of 5.509

    There was no intent to decieve, in fact, in the body of both submissions I quickly admitted the score was fake and just for joke purposes. Even still, I something that wasnt my original intent happened. Myoriginal intent was the people would get angry at me and I have some troll fun. To my shock, people knowing it was fake, shared my sense of humor and cheered me on. At some point it felt kinda neat to see my fake name up there for a few days.

    I can imagine, that if for some stupid reason the score stayed, i'd start to feel so good about it and get addicated to the high fives that i'd convince myself its real. This is probably why its so important to always do the right in the first place, because once you do something wrong it sets you on a path that can be hard to leave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tompa
    I would really like to hear some kind of statement from Todd on all of this. That's one way for him to get some respect at least.
    I agree with you.
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    In stunned disbelief. I had always said from Day One - that whatever decision was reached, that it should be based on facts and thorough investigation. As TG has rendered a decision, all that is left now is to try and abide by the same and move on to the extent possible.

    I recall in the first TG Book of Records - where TG investigated certain scores BITD - a passage where it described some players as not being satisfied with being in the "top ten" or "top one percent." They wanted to "be 'Gods' - better than the best..." There is definitely no shortage of examples of this - both then and now.

    I had the privilege to meet Todd a number of times and would still see it as such. I join you in the hopes that we hear his side of the story when and if he feels ready. In any event, I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

    My $0.02....
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  5. 1500points's Avatar
    Good you guys finally are getting it. Walter has said over and over that he was too naive and trusting. You guys just didn't seem to be able to hear the truth written between those words? These were kids/children being promoted as a way to market the name Twin Galaxies. That in itself is a recipe for disaster.

    If you read the old video game magazine pdfs online, you'll run across a response in an editorial by Eugene Jarvis himself (Coin Op developer, current head of Raw Thrills) and he said almost verbatim.....The arcade let a kid go from $#!+ to god on a quarter. That sums it up perfectly about the pop-culture frenzy of the early 80s.

    In 2013 I had summarized a bunch of old Defender scores (and you guys aren't even aware of the extent that Defender marathons were rampant with "anomolous" player behavior.....

    This is what I wrote at the bottom of the web page article, along with a quote from Walter to help curb some of the untruths that abound in the old TGIS
    DISCLAIMER- As with any cultural event, there is a blurring being facts and a good story. Although, Walter Day/Twin Galaxies attempted to maintain legitimate scores in the early 80s,there were subversions to the rules of the game (hopefully honest mistakes rather than willfull attempts at deception). For the participant to be able to have fun, all claims to being the “best” at a game should be taken with a “grain of salt.” “Play well, live honorably, and may your next extra life be lived with dignity”…. rumored to be Spock’s exact words to Walter Day when he visited the Captain’s deck of the Starship Enterprise in 1982.
    Walter Day follow-up regarding score falsifications- Nov 2013-

    • In the Golden Age, we were unable to monitor any marathon closely. It was all based on trust. We had to rely on the honesty and integrity of the player, the arcade owner and the witnesses. Admittedly, they could have done anything at that time which, from today’s perspective, would have been a gross violation of proper verification procedures. I personally believe that the old scores should continue as the historical relics from the Golden age, but that a new standings also be developed that features modern verification of the highest level. And, then over time, we can see how the two rankings stack up against each other. I believe that many marathons of the past were legit. But as the scores became more and more inflated, that’s where the worry comes in. Its the “highest” scores that are the most suspect to today’s modern marathoners. And, in regards to modern verification requirements, I personally don’t think a marathon is valid if the player didn’t take a urine test immediately after the marathon, to prove they didn’t use drugs that were stimulants. I believe that as more and more gamers attempt high-level marathons, and the rewards become greater (fame and money), someone will use drugs…..and that will give them an unfair advantage. And, in the same way that the modern gamers are questioning the scores of 30 years ago, future gamers will be questioning the scores of today’s marathoners because they will be suspicious on whether they had used drugs or not. If you want to hold the world marathon record on a game, you ensure that it will always be honored by future generations of gamers if you take the drug test.

    Shoot for being a “local legend,” a “champion of the game,” maybe even achieving a “high score” and remember to keep the spirit of competitive joy at the front of your intentions. Happy Classic Arcade Gaming!
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