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03-09-2018 at 03:48 PM
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Kong-Off 6 / Arcade Expo 4.0 - March 16-18, 2018

Well everyone it’s that time again! Donkey Kong machines in all their glory are waiting for some of the best DK players in the world to come and compete in the latest Kong-Off!

Check out https://kongoff.net for information and links to player bios, location, merchandise/tickets, twitch streaming info, scores/bracket details. Check out http://www.donkeykongforum.com for all things DK and CAG related as well!

Kong-Off 6 (along with Arcade Expo 4.0) promises to be another hard-fought competition. Will Robbie Lakeman, The current DK World Record Holder, retain his championship or will a new up-and-comer take the title for themselves? Steve Wiebe, Billy Mitchell, Robbie Lakeman, Richie Knucklez, Walter Day and several of the top DK players will be in attendance (Myself included!) so come on out and experience the Kong-Off 6 and Arcade Expo 4.0 in Banning, CA!!

There will be wildcard machines open to the public to pay $20 to participate in the tournament and compete against some of the top players in the world as well as legends Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell! Also, for the first time in history, a Women’s Competition will be featured at the event with the top scoring gamer taking the wildcard slot for the championship battle. The heir to Kong-Off, born and bred on DK, Faith Kong will battle for scores against the legendary Queen of Kong, Kayla Rose and globe-trotting gamer Imoto Harney.

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  • Kong-Off 6: DAY 1 – MARCH 16th
    • Meet and greet plus Q&A sessions with Kong Off 6’s leading contenders.
    • High score battle (2:30pm-10pm).

  • DAY 2 – MARCH 17th
    • High score battle (12noon-10pm).

  • DAY 3 – MARCH 18th (11am - Finish)
    • Single elimination head-to-head battles starting at 11am and ending with the last man standing.
      The top 8 scores will determine who plays who. Players will go head-to-head on one credit with no restarts. The first round will consist of 4 simultaneous battles (1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, etc). Winners advance by single elimination. The second round will be 2 simultaneous battles and then the final championship match. The winner will take home the belt.

Also be sure to check out Arcade Expo 4.0! Three days of freeplay on over 1,100 retro to modern arcade games and pinball machines!

  • Arcade Expo 4.0 Hours
    • Friday, March 16th (2:30pm-12midnight)
    • Saturday, March 17th (11am-2am)
    • Sunday, March 18th (11am-7pm)

Museum of Pniball
700 South Hathaway
Banning, CA 92220
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