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11-11-2021 at 03:47 PM
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Sad News: Bob Lawton passed away

The beloved founder of Funspot has passed away. He was 90. I spoke with him many times since I started going to Funspot in 2010. What a great, hard working man. RIP Bob.

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    Sad. So sorry to hear. An icon, for sure, RIP.

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    <p>Bob Lawton has done great great things for Retro classic gaming community , like the FunSpot Yearly tournament, joy , happiness to families, kids and friends and many classic arcade game world records,</p><p>At one time the world&#39;s largest classic arcade game collection.</p><p>A legend and will forever be remembered </p>
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  3. RedDawn's Avatar

    Daaaaamn. I echo what Roger said. Very sad to hear. He was a real workhorse in his day. An example of the American Dream, how he built and ran and developed the legacy of FunSpot. The arcade world lost a good one today.

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  4. GDL's Avatar

    Sad news, indeed. Thank you, Bob, for bringing so much joy to the world!

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