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11-24-2021 at 07:23 PM
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History: Third age of Arcades

For most of the past 11 years I have been an avid Arcade game player, collector, photographer, etc. I have many thousands of photos never seen by anyone but me. I have travelled to tournaments all over America and have many great stories to tell.

Before I forget the details, I want to get it all written down. I want people to see these tournaments and hear about the people I met. I have shared many photos already but have so many more.

How many people here would be interested in lengthier articles about the various tournaments and locations? If so, I'll try one out on the wall here. I don't like the wall feeds for longer posts as they get pushed down into the bowels of the system. If you don't happen to see them in the first few days, then likely you won't ever see them. Yes, articles and info can be found by Google or Bing searches (or Duck Duck Go, whatever floats your boat) but that is passive.

My goal is to entertain, educate, and contribute to community spirit.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Fly's Avatar

    Don't ask. Just do it!

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  2. The Evener's Avatar

    Yes, to echo Fly, jump in! Whether longer or short posts, by all means experiment - it will probably vary depending on the material in question, so post away!

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    I just wish the wall posts gave more control over the layout. Also page views are always nice. It is a little dopamine hit that makes it all worth while.

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    If you are interested in getting your journey into book form, send me an e-mail here

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