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01-12-2018 at 09:59 PM
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Unsettled on the Screen

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Can this truly be the end of Settle it on the Screen? This show is the glue holding the community together. The entire SIOTS staff have a vital role in the community, improving morale, honoring world record performances, making us laugh at our selves, etc.

They spoke about games, gamers, gaming culture. They didn't get into drama, didn't talk about people's personal lives and all that other garbage you can find on every other gaming show.

Guest stars, skits, great fun and entertainment.

I just don't understand how the show can be just tossed aside like this.
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  2. kernzyp's Avatar
    They must be coming back in another way.
    Not enough retaliation to be truly sacked? Fingers crossed....
  3. Barthax's Avatar
    Just found out about it. Watching the final episode. We may not have seen eye to eye on various things but a great thanks for the various shout outs over the years. Onwards & upwards guys: the shackles are off! ;)
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  4. sdwyer138's Avatar
    My original plan for TG was just to throw down one score and be done. But then I got a shout out on SIOTS, and that is really the only reason I kept submitting scores. It became addictive and exciting to be on the show. Now I don’t really have anything to look forward to after a new submission.
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  5. Bishop's Avatar
    I really enjoyed watching it when I could. To hear that it was the last show is a step backwards for twin galaxies.
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