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02-06-2018 at 12:28 PM
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SpaceX Falcon Heavy Test

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The engineering world is doing incredible things. The Falcon Heavy just launched a car into space AND the booster rockets landed themselves. Incredible achievement.

Interplanetary commercial space travel is well on its way.

Why post this on a video game site? Because video games and space exploration both rely on computers, engineers and programs!

Link to the live footage:
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  1. sdwyer138's Avatar
    I found the booster landing to be especially cool. I was not expecting that.
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  2. Ninglendo's Avatar
    We have pretty much recreated the intro to the classic animated movie Heavy Metal.

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  3. CWK's Avatar
    They still never made it to the moon but ye...keep polluting...why not
  4. datagod's Avatar

    An update from the car.
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