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08-06-2019 at 07:03 PM
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Arcade Retro Clock - latest demo

Just tweeking a few things here and there. This is my Rasberry Pi model 2, which I use to debug. HDMI cable goes to a monitor and I can also telnet into it via the ethernet cable. The final release runs on a Raspberry Pi A which has no ethernet port. I can attach a WIFI dongle and telnet in, but this setup is quicker for me.

I am nearing completion of this project (it will never be completed!) and would really like to get it into the hands of folks out there. These belong in every game room ever.

You might see it on a podcast in the near future, if @Jace Hall or @ToddRoy would send me a shipping address. :)

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    Time is the enemy. Metaphoric right there

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