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08-08-2019 at 10:41 PM
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Book Review: Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I received this book from Amazon today.

Here is my honest review, as posted on Amazon (2 stars).

I first heard about this book 6 months ago on a forum where people were discussing strategy guides for baby games meant for children. Now that this book is released, I can assure you this game is not meant for children at all.

I like the cover of this book, it is very bright and shiny. It has a retro design that reminds me of old COBOL manuals from the 70's. The only thing missing is brown stripes and holes for a 3 ringed binder.

When I pulled the book out of the envelop, I thought there may have been a mistake. What I received was closer to a brochure than a book. 18 pages double sided, including title page and 2 blank pages at the back. White space and screen shots take up the bulk of the pages, followed closely by the author's claim to be the best video game player of the century -- whatever that means.

The font used in this book is some sort of creepy/horror font, one that might make sense for a poster but is completely ridiculous for a guide of any length, even an 18 page one.

If you collect interesting and weird things like I do, don't hesitate to get this book. It will make a great addition to a shelf of the absurd. If you are truly looking at dominating this game, just google it. I am sure that is all the author did.

Amazon link to the review

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    I bought the book too, I think I'll review it as well. Then keep it around for ongoing jokes I haven't come up with yet.

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    At least he priced it right this time. 6.66 is both apt and reasonable. Unlike his homebrew Atari game that he was selling for like $70 if I recall.

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    Joke or not, Hector, at least it's not a fraud like THIS book !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTM

    Joke or not, Hector, at least it's not a fraud like THIS book !!

    as much as he claims he was just 19 year old "kid" at the time, as recent as last year he was still sighting he wrote the book to prove his credentials on donkey kong and why he knows enough to know billy wouldnt cheat

    apparently its fine for steve to bring up the book and make it sound like he wrote it because he's such an expert, but if you bring up he's a fraud in response to him trying to trick people and debunk his claims the book makes him an expert by pointing out the real reason he was able to publish it suddenly you're unfailry dredging up the past

    however, all that said, and as much as i agree with you there, life isnt just competition and fair play, life is also entertainment and fiction. i gotta admit i do see his fraud and that book as a part of history and i dont want to say its "cool" for fear of being misinterperted but it is an interesting tid bit none the less

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    My 9 year old son's final review: "Dad, this book is garbage"

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    I think it'd be cool to have a series of booklets/ephemera like this put together for some of the games that got less love back in the day (and even some that got more love). I know a lot of this stuff is available on Google, but finding someone credible who could actually write and creating a tips/strategy/how to guide for some classic games could make a neat collector series. And I don't think I know a classic game who doesn't collect something

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    I will buy it during the year end holidays, to keep warm in the cold winter.

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    I wonder if the instruction manual for the game has more pages than this book.

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    combined they have 8 total, but based on the pictures and description datagod posted, there are almost certainly more words, which means the above "manual" has double the number of pages it actually needs

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