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08-13-2019 at 03:58 PM
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The Hulk on Star Trek??

I was proud to be a founder of this incredible fan-made series. Star Trek continues is so enjoyable, I have really taken my time with the episodes. Like a fine wine, I will enjoy with family and friends and episode here and there.

This particular episode stars Lou Ferrigno himself as an Orion slave trader.

As a perk I was given this poster. I will be printing this soon and putting it in my Arcade. I hope you do the same.

  1. Riatoju's Avatar

    You mean She-Hulk?

  2. datagod's Avatar

    She Hulk. The angrier you maker her, the hotter she gets.

  3. debiddotomasu's Avatar

    I prefer marvel comics

  4. datagod's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by debiddotomasu

    I prefer marvel comics

    Star Trek is't a comic.

  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    Star Trek is't a comic.

    you are fake news

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