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09-16-2019 at 10:43 PM
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The dispute thread is not your safe space

From the Billy Mitchell dispute thread. I thought it might be removed, so I am posting it here on my blog as well.

This dispute thread isn't a safe place for people to come and bash Billy.

I know that there are lots of weak-minded people out there that can only act in the crowd the only feel safe and numbers. They never express their true opinions by themselves they only do it in an area with like-minded folks. That is what I find that this dispute has turned into.

I have kept my quiet for quite some time. I may have made one or two comments here and there. But not like the last time that this dispute was active.
I was contacted recently by a friend of Billy Mitchell and a good friend of mine I might add. My friendship with people does not revolve around Donkey Kong scores. It revolves around how those people treat me directly. My experiences with these people is varied and I judge them personally.

Anyway back to my point this friend contacted me and said that he appreciated the way I am responding to certain people on this forum that are only here to bash Billy. I will tell you that in Walters affidavit or whatever it is that he allegedly signed he said that team Billy didn't want to come here and respond originally because it was a toxic environment where people were just waiting to pounce on him.

At first when I read that I thought that was silly. I thought that was ridiculous. But now that I've been quiet on here and just politely reading I can see exactly their point.

As I've stated in the past I'm not here to defend Billy or defend his scores quite frankly I'm not qualified to do that. I have my own opinion and I think I made it clear before and I believe there was something behind the scenes something to do with the movie that the tapes were fake the scores were fake but it was all in the name of entertainment and possibly got out of hand etcetera etcetera.

I don't care about that honestly I don't. But I do care how we treat each other. The people coming into this form for the soul sake of bashing Billy has got to stop. People come here with zero credibility. They've never taken part in Twin Galaxies since it's rebirth all the sudden they show up in droves with their torches ready to burn Billy.

I must say I have never seen greater bunch of jealous nerds in my life. And yes I'm a nerd. I'm a geek. Those words don't hurt me. But to see people that are so jealous of Billy Mitchell's Fame and his ability to promote himself, his ability whether you like it or not whether you consider it corrupt good evil whatever he did what he set out to do. He made a name for himself he got famous for it he's been in movies he's married to an actual real live woman. A very nice lady Evelyn is so nice.

And there are many people out there who think that their quest for happiness revolves around them getting good at a video game.

Well I'm sorry folks it takes a lot more than being good at a game to become famous. People have to be interested in the story and interested in the person. It takes charisma. Billy has all that. It's quite clear. Is he a villain? Sure. But we knew that already.

What about us? How we treat each other in here says volumes about what Twin Galaxies is all about. Has it really come down to a place to have weekly witch hunts? A place where you can just come into a forum pick somebody and rip them to absolute shreds for weeks on end? People here talking about suing each other for defamation this slander that libel this libel that.

Get over it people.that isn't all I'm going to say but it is all I'm going to say tonight. It's 4 a.m. in Subarctica and I have work to do.

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  1. Marcade's Avatar

    Lady, you are NOT LISTENING~

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    I can't place that puppet's accent. Is it Iowa or Texas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    I can't place that puppet's accent. Is it Iowa or Texas?

    Still trolling I see, but that was funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    I can't place that puppet's accent. Is it Iowa or Texas?

    It was Tex-Ass... The last guy who answered the phone was named Jim-Bob. ;)

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