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10-08-2019 at 10:25 AM
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Atari VCS: not looking good

The hardware architect for the planned Atari VCS has left the building. His design company has not been paid by Atari in over 6 months.

Hardware is tough business to get into. Manufacturing costs per unit are quite high unless you are producing large quantities. Designing new hardware is time consuming and very expensive as well.

I had somewhat high hopes for this system, but I have learned to just sit back and wait.

I used to work for a company that designed their own movie Kiosks. They were fraught with design issues and were very expensive per unit and had continuous breakdowns.

If they had decided to go with an existing hardware platform e.g. Raspberry Pi they could have saved themselves some heart ache. Focus on the software, use existing hardware solutions. Build a custom shell and get some prototypes into the hands of gamers.

  1. swaggers's Avatar

    They released a official blog post today talking about how prototyping is progressing. Then this is supposed to be on shelves in less than 5 months. There is no way. $350 for this thing pre-paid? Thing is insane.

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  2. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    Glad I didnt waste my money. IF it comes out, I might THINK about buying one

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    called it.

    i know its not the coleco chameleon, but even still, this idea, even if everyting went according to plan just seemed to be a crash in the making. usualy when thats the case, anyone who takes on such a doomed project is the same sort of people that make other major mistakes as well

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  4. datagod's Avatar

    If you want to make a new console, you need millions of dollars up front. You got to take a huge gamble and produce 100,000 units to get the cost per unit down. Then you gotta sell them.

    Meanwhile, you hope developers will come along and make games for it.

    I am still crossing my fingers for the Amica or Amigo or whatever that Intellivision 2.0 thing is.

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  5. swaggers's Avatar

    I am not a Intellivision fan by any means but I'm much more likely to get the Amico at $200 when it probably launches first 1 year from tomorrow.

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