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10-12-2019 at 05:34 PM
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Upcoming Book

What do you do after you spend 9 years criss crossing Canada and the USA to attend arcade and pinball events? You go through all your photos and publish a book!

I have been thinking about doing this for several years, but needed a little extra kick in the pants to get started. Steve Grunberger -- a good friend of mine who has also traveled to many events -- asked if I would like to partner with him and publish a book. I said "Hell yeah!"

Working backwards chronologically, I have picked through the past 5 years of events and have gathered about 200 photos. 4 more years to go, then the hard part begins. Selecting the top X photos to go in a book.

Telling the story of each final photo will be easy, as I have an excellent memory for that sort of thing. I can't tell you where I put my hat or what I did yesterday, but if I have a photo I can tell you everything you need to know. Just how my mind works.

Stay tuned...I'll keep everyone updated. And no, there are no plans for kickstarter or gofundme campaign. Books are printed on demand these days. However, if I travel to an event I just might have to set up a booth with plenty on hand for sales.

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  1. OzSteve's Avatar

    Awesome :)

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  2. datagod's Avatar

    I never sleep John.

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    Hey John. How many books can I put you down for? This will be hard copy, no digital versions to spread around the internet.

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    Dude, calm down. this isn't your own wailing wall you know. This is my wall, announcing an awesome book. So again, you want 5 or 10 copies? We take paypal of course.

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    I am guessing he has an issue with me, but instead of talking about it he'd rather just post sh#t on the net. Keyboard warrior 101

    PM me John and talk, you know. Like an adult

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    We worked on your Kong Off 3 poster. I did the marquee for that. We had fun then, and fun will be had again this time :)

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    I hope you still have the print I made. It was on special metallic paper. Did it arrive yet? :)

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    I think it's in customs just now LOL

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    If you feel the need to do that being I've not said or done anything to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexmark

    NOTHING to PM you for, Steve. I'll just start my own thread that doesn't have friends delete the facts .Datagods a sucker if he believes you!!!


    I do like how I've said nothing prior but you feel the need to single me out. For what? Being a keyboard warrior. Can't do it in person lol

    So, what have I done to you directly?

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    I told you I never sleep John. Now knock it off already.

    I have known Steve for 20 years now. We are cool. You should invest some time in making long term friendships.

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    He'll start a thread because you mentioned me. That is all. Sad

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