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10-12-2019 at 07:14 PM
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Why do people cheat?

Who was the fastest sprinter in 1988? Canada's Ben Johnson. At the Sumer Olympics in Seoul he ran 100m in 9.79 seconds, breaking the previous record. Sadly for Johnson and Canada he was later found guilty of cheating via steroids and was stripped of his records. Further investigation found that many of the runners competing also abused steroids. It was claimed they were simply trying to keep up with the competition.

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But when everyone cheats, can anyone really be called a winner? Is it really something to be proud of to be the best cheater?

These athletes spend their lives training their bodies for competition. They sacrifice friends, family, income. They put it all on the line for the glory of getting that top spot, for breaking those records. There is more to it of course. A top athlete can score all sorts of post olympic deals including sponsorships, movie and TV spots. Modelling, posters, books deals. You name it. They are famous and rightfully so.

But they still cheated. Some take a gamble and win. Some lose. Ben Johnson lost big time. He let his country down and paid the price. We sent him to Subarctica where he now works in the IT department operating the help desk phone. Just kidding. I don't konw what happened to him. But that is the point. He vanished from fandom, only to be remembered as a villain, a cheater that got caught!

Olympics are high stakes. You might understand why somebody would be lured by the potential payoff of using enhancement boosting drugs, blood doping (storing your blood in advance, then re-injecting it before the event to give yourself more oxygen capacity).

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Why would somebody cheat at video games though? What are the stakes? Bragging rights? You get to be in top spot of ESI on Twin Galaxies? I don't see too many TV deals or books being written about retro gamers. Sure there are documentaries, and a few hundred bucks thrown around here and there.

Is it really worth it though? I think it is shameful and such a disgrace to what should be a fun hobby. We shouldn't have to worry about splicers, corrupt referees, fake scores, etc. Are people's lives really so devoid of meaning that they feel good about having fake high scores?

I can understand why Ben Johnson took steroids. It was a way to win a HUGE prize and to stay competitive with the other cheaters. But he didn't just update a score. His body actually ran that race. He abused his body yes, he broke the rules yes, he cheated yes! But he still ran the race. He won. He did it.

He didn't fake the run. He didn't say he did it privately. The world was watching. The world saw him do it. The world also punished him.

Twin Galaxies, take the gloves off. Purge the cheaters. Clean up the score board.

Beware, cheaters. We are coming for you!

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