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10-17-2019 at 01:02 PM
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New Handheld: Panic Playdate

I just saw a new hand held today, the Panic Playdate. It looks like a brightly colored GameBoy. It has traditional controls, black and white screen, and an analogue control / crank stick.

The company Panic has been in the software business for over 20 years. They wanted to produce some hardware, and they did. Hopefully they will be helping indy developers.

The price point is $150 US, and that includes a subscription to game service that delivers one new game each week over 12 weeks. Some games are short, some are long. All are fun! -- according to the website.

I question the life span of any new platform that requires developers to port old games or take a risk and develop a new game for a platform with very little market share.

I will pick one of these up if I see it. It is certainly interesting, especially the analog crank control.

Fishing anyone?


Director's commentary:

This frigging page crashed while I was typing this. Note to self. When you have 3 pictures for a blog post, put them in last. Otherwise the javascript goes crazy and slows typing down to a crawl.

  1. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    I own one of the synthesizers this company makes and its great. they make some creatively stimulating gadgets.

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