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10-29-2019 at 06:38 AM
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State of the Planetoids

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Sorry for the delay folks, been way too busy to give a brief update on what is happening lately.


We had some disputes about disputes. Commando 1,000,000 scores indicate a co-ordinated effort to look cool.

A truce was declared between two notable gamers. There is a Neutral Zone in a discord room where they both signed an armistice. Good vibes all around.

Silly Things

Datagod's counter keeps making happy buzzing sounds. The adjudication queue is sitting at 804. It is unknown how many scores have been processed in the past 2 months, but the counter went as low as 694 and as high as 1004 since it went live. The queue length goes up and down all day long. I estimate we have processed 1000 scores in the past 2 months.

Quality Assurance

The website has been slow, the website has been fast. Gremlins working behind the scenes have been using the server back-end process to help them play Battlefield 1942. Aimbots take a lot of horsepower on those old games.

Newsflash Section

The editorial section is as pretty as ever. You may even find a positive comment here and there on some bizarre article about a Ninja's favorite hair color.

Other Misc News:

Miss Franny now goes by Mrs. Franny in case you are not aware. Congratulations on the matrimonial bliss of our favorite TG Staff Member.

JJT broke his PrintScreen button, still waiting for a replacement.

Stay tunes for more interesting and bizarre stories.

  1. The Evener's Avatar

    When are certificates coming back?

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  2. datagod's Avatar

    I just got a bunch of new sticker sheets. Great new price too! I accept PayPal and cash of course. Send a self addressed stamped envelop full of cash to my secret lair.

  3. datagod's Avatar

    Well, we just ran out of stickers. Could I interest you in some GameTard trading cards?

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  4. SincerelyFranny's Avatar

    As you might already know, the last system we had in place for certificates was pretty terrible.

    Until Twin Galaxies gets everything sorted out behind the scenes and figures out an optimal and fool proof plan of attack for the next release, certificates will remain unavailable. Apologies for the inconvenience. :(

    We will do our best to learn from our mistakes and return with better system and turn around time.

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  5. The Evener's Avatar

    Thanks SincerelyFranny, I appreciate the update. My question on the wall was a bit tongue and cheek insofar as I understand it will take time to sort things out - my jokes never come off well on the Internet, but I was just playing datagod's wall post as a new de facto "State of the Galaxies" so I posted the question to see how State of the Planetoids would handle it.

    But on the topic of the certificates and the system redesign, I would advocate for a much-reduced cost for the certs, and even go digital if possible. They're a hallmark of TG WRs in my mind, and with a reduced price point comparable to what Walter Day charged back in the day I think would actually promote some additional interest and competition on titles. I know that Jace chose a different direction when he implemented version 1.0 of the certs, but it would be great to see something that's more affordable and utilizes digital delivery if there's a great interest in avoiding paper usage.

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  6. timmell's Avatar

    You know who did a great job with Certificates?

    ^---THIS GUY.

  7. datagod's Avatar

    Almost all my posts are tongue in cheek. Feel free to keep posting on my stuff with jokes. Makes the world a happier place.

  8. The Evener's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by timmell

    You know who did a great job with Certificates?

    ^---THIS GUY.

    Are you willing to work freelance?

  9. timmell's Avatar

    I did, was a 1099 contractor of Twin Galaxies International (PeteB ERA) and got paid per certificate. to create, print and mail. never a issue when I did them, Other than my once in a while typing mistakes. If I did that, I created and new one and mailed it out when it happened. It also helped that I worked at a print shop at that time, but it at least I got done in a timely manner and likely many people enjoy them today.

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  10. The Evener's Avatar

    Sounds like that maybe Jace era TG should look at a similar model! I'm really curious about the popularity of certificate purchases during your contract. Do you recall an average figure per week? Did you notice peak and lull periods?

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