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11-22-2019 at 11:34 PM
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Twin Galaxies: A history

My friend MemeTroll has been investigating Twin Galaxies's history and put together a short video of his findings. It is very interesting, especially the part about Websignia.

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    Peterson was upset he didn't get money he felt he was deserved. Even though he worked as a volunteer for Pete and not for Walter or Jace. The delusions of that man. Maybe his apartment has a radon leak or something.

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    Thank you Jace for sharing your TG history with us. I don't think anyone expected that. Much appreciated. To me, it makes you seem so much closer to us and not just a distant god.

    Now can you clear up once and for all that I did NOT give you $10,000 in exchange for secret admin powers. Rudy STILL talks about this on videos. We all know it was $100,000!


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  3. RTM's Avatar

    Jace's post should also definitively shoot down a certain "conspiracy theory" launched several years ago on YouTube.

    I guess Roy was wrong after all :)

    - the above is seen at approx 1:01

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  4. Jace Hall's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by lexmark

    Anyway AAMOI, here's what I was told. I can't even remember who told me. And if I could remember I probably wouldn't tell. ..... paid Addlers 40K asking price (to Addler)

    2...that was the cost for him to have the new website made/built.(his expenses)

    3...Walter made a fuss, so you paid him out 60K to go away. (STFU)

    That's it.(without the in between long stories)


    None of that is true. Here is the actual detail on this.

    Referring back to my description of events, you will see that Jourdan Adler wound up giving Pete Bouvier 35K for what he believed were the ownership rights in Twin Galaxies. In reality, Pete Bouvier could not sell TG ownership to Jourdan since he did not technically own TG (the rights had reverted back to Walter.)

    Therefore Jourdan was essentially legally sold nothing, and his money was taken. Jourdan of course probably did not realize this at the time of "purchase", otherwise he would likely not have proceeded with the transaction.

    When I acquired all the rights for TG, an issue arose where Jourdan was still in possession of the TG domain(s) as well as the physical servers (and other TG items) that he received from Pete Bouvier and Jourdan was not interested in releasing them until he was reimbursed his 35K somehow. (understandable)

    Walter voluntarily agreed to deduct Jourdan's 35K out of the $200,000 total that I needed to pay him. So I deducted 35K from Walter's total and paid Jourdan the 35K immediately and directly. At that point Jourdan released the domain(s) to me as well as providing all the TG material he had in is possession.

    I don't know what the relationship eventually became between Walter/Jourdan/Richie as I had nothing to do with any of that, but I can tell you that I have no issue with Jourdan in any way, and appreciate him.

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    The chick narrating this video sounds hot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riatoju

    The chick narrating this video sounds hot!

    I can't even explain to you how much easier your life is, when yur peter decides it's pretty much done all the business it needs to do for a lifetime...

    So much more room for activities!!


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    This video and everyone's (especially Jace's) response has reminded me how importan Twin Galaxies is to our culture and our history. I will continue to promote it as a positive place for gamers, even a place for programmers who play games from time to time (like me!).

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    I came back from a long needed break after the Contra 3 dispute, I had personal dealings at the time I was last active on this site. Back then I was slightly more motionless than usual. My uncle was dying and with only a few months left to live. I moved out and played video games with him that he remembered when he was a kid. Old C64, Atari, some home computer stuff. I want to apologize for the way I acted before I left this community, granted I didn't agree with the decision for that dispute with the evidence.

    So the video @datagod posted here was made by me and yes @Jace Hall I was very limited on information that I could find. Twin Galaxies Wikipedia page only says "TG has had several owners" and historically it's technically 8. All posts I could find online about how much you paid was only 70K from some forum posts and I think a reddit post, I had no clue that was just the first payment. Not sure as it's been a few days since I released that video. Yes, It's not 100% accurate. The goal of that video was to tell a story of how TG was founded and which owners came in as close an order as I could possibly figure out AT THIS VERY POINT IN TIME. I got the general basis of who was running it factually however, Yes. It's as you said Jace, I speculated as well as I or anyone else could. I don't know if a book is necessary. What you posted cleared up alot of things I was going to ask. I did write down several questions I had for you on my laptop that I accidentally left at work on thanksgiving. I think you answered one of them.

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  9. Maris Memes's Avatar

    I will say that if your curious what I am hinting towards, I recommend DMing Datagod or Me. I can't publicly say.

    @RTM Hey Robert, Back then I tried to grab ya for an interview and I think I asked Ferretti to reach out to you. I did email you, but it must have been your old one. Granted, I'd love to hear more about the tapes you and PSP had.

    I'm personally interested in Nik Meeks during his time as a chief deputy referee or if he is still one? Regardless, I couldn't find anything on him online anywhere besides what I believe is a photo of him possibly 6 years ago? The reason I wanted to know is he and Todd Rogers at the same time were given that title and I was curious if they had interactions.

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    At some point, I wish to do a part 2 or sequel to the above video for better clarity. You see the goal of my timeline is also to pin when every referee started, left, and what grudges toward others were there in terms of drama. Then ANYONE can view that timeline and get a general idea of what old referee/grandfathered verified scores maybe self-input/fake and/or proven to be factually cheated or invalid through advance game analysis. If Todd was able to do it, Who else could, would, or did? If so, Which scores and tracks need updating?

    I'll post again tomorrow afternoon. If any of you are looking to ask me questions. Feel free to contact me via email. I respond rather quick and I have this thanksgiving weekend off.

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