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12-08-2019 at 08:58 PM
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Playing the racism card

The last thing video game players want to see is the racist card being played. This is what Almighty Dreadlock just did.

Think about it. His name contains dreadlock in it. It is hair, not skin color. Every culture on the planet has had people wearing dreadlocks at some point.

He calls people Muppets all the time.

He is from Britain, the most culturally diverse country on the planet. I am from Canada, almost equally diverse (bit too cold for some southerners, but we try to help them with parkas and electric blankets.)

Canada and Britain have never had the tension between black and white people like the USA does.

To put it simply, Simon is playing on US sensitivies to try and get people to think of me as a racist.

News flash Simon: That puppet is ORANGE and is a girl. Are you orange? Are you a girl?

Back to Sesame street with you now.

NOTE: IT has always been my philosophy to love other humans, unless they become a-holes. I don't care what color you are, where you come from. I can get along with almost anyone. But when you are act like a d*ck to me or my friends, you will get treated like one too.

Video games are the great equalizer. We all play games, we all can have fun. It doesn't matter what you look like, what you smell like, what religion you believe in or not, none of that matters.

Just play games and be civil.

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    A muppet is a muppet and there isn't a race involved at all. How come he didn't play the race card when I posted tons of muppets on his blog?

    Why did he even start posting again? Things were at least somewhat decent without his constant mockery and asinine comments leaving skidmarks all over the site. The time he got silenced was the best.

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    LOL watch out. @Marcade will get upset at the use of the word skidmarc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    LOL watch out. @Marcade will get upset at the use of the word skidmarc.

    As once a "GARBAGE PAIL KIDS" collector... THIS one was the original. (name spelled with a "K".)

    They did plenty with the K...(Back in the 80's, and with their recent 2018-2019 series)

    But no worries... The Topps company finally got around to spelling my name correctly with a "C". (As it should be)

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