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12-11-2019 at 05:04 PM
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slow slow slow

dear Twin Galaxies

I visit you more often than Facebook. But more often than not you won't even talk to me. I open you with the app and you timeout before showing me anything.

when I write a post I am terrified of losing all that wonderful information because when I click post it hangs. do I wait? or do I hit post again? do I get backspace what do I do so many questions so many concerns.

@Jace Hall

please have the engineering team look into this issue. what is taking so long for a simple page to show up. or a post. I know from my analysis that each page is about 5 megabytes which when I'm out on a date of plan is an insane amount. I can't imagine all the scripts that are running and all the advertising hooks and lines and daggers and squeakers and squibs and widgets that have to run. I just want to read what my friends are writing.

another problem I have is when I see that I have 50 notifications I read the first one but then all the notifications are gone and I don't know what all the others were. it's like you only get one shot. hitting the button again and then having to select show all notifications also time zone.

I wish I can just crack open the code and look I could make the website incredibly fast and efficient.

thank you for your time
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  1. Jace Hall's Avatar

    The posting issue should be fixed. Please confirm.

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  2. datagod's Avatar
    This isva test post.
  3. datagod's Avatar
    wow!! superfast now. Thanks!!
  4. Marcade's Avatar

    Test post... to see if it endlessly scrolls...

    Edit: all good here...Chrome... no need to refresh, nor to open a new browser or tab.

  5. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Jace Hall

    The posting issue should be fixed. Please confirm.

    Hi Jace, if you are referencing the issue I mentioned, it still occurs for me intermittently.

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